What Annoys You? What Do You Think Is Great? Your Chance To Tell Daily Deal Websites What They Need To Change

In the context of Daily Deal websites, I want to know from you:

  • What annoys you?
  • What do you love?

This is your chance to tell the owners of New Zealand’s Daily Deal websites what they need to change to make you happy.  Because annoying customers is never a good idea, and doing more of what customers love is always a great idea.

I’ll start us off:

  • It really annoys me when a daily deal site DEMANDS my email address before I’ve had a chance to see what deals they are offering today!
    • For example: www.Cudo.co.nz
    • I know why they do it, I’m sure statistics show they get more email address this way, but it is still annoying!
  • I love it when an “experiences” daily deal website lists all the deals throughout the country on one page!
    • For example: http://www.grabone.co.nz/home
    • I get to see at a glance what’s in other cities that I might buy for friends/family, and it saves me from manually choosing from a list of cities in a clumsy menu
  • I love it when a new daily deal website launches in my city and they do movie tickets for only $5 🙂

Write your comment below starting with:

  • “It really annoys me when…”
  • “I love it when…”