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The following sourced from: http://www.spreets.co.nz/info/about/ [25 October 2010]

About Spreets.co.nz

Launched in Australia in February 2010, Spreets features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat and buy in cities across Australia. We’re starting in Sydney because it’s our home town. Spreets is a social, buzzy and fun way to get an awesome deal on a cool experience at mates rates’.

Great Experiences

This is fun. Believe us, once you get hooked on an unbeatable offer, you take a stake in making it happen. The next step is the easiest in the world. Tell someone. Tell lots of people about this great deal and ask them to register for it. The catch is the deal is only live for 24 hours.

We only offer deals on fun services and products we trust and would love to try ourselves. So you know you are getting a secure and unique experience each time a Spreets deal goes live.

Need support?

Email: supportnz@spreets.com

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51 thoughts on “Spreets.co.nz Profile

  1. Me and my partner ordered $200 worth of merchandise and it’s over a month but we haven’t heard from them yet not received our purchases. It’s frustrating because we’ve spent a lot of money. I hope it wouldn’t take that long. We just moved to our new house and we need those materials asap

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