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About Spreets.co.nz

Launched in Australia in February 2010, Spreets features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat and buy in cities across Australia. We’re starting in Sydney because it’s our home town. Spreets is a social, buzzy and fun way to get an awesome deal on a cool experience at mates rates’.

Great Experiences

This is fun. Believe us, once you get hooked on an unbeatable offer, you take a stake in making it happen. The next step is the easiest in the world. Tell someone. Tell lots of people about this great deal and ask them to register for it. The catch is the deal is only live for 24 hours.

We only offer deals on fun services and products we trust and would love to try ourselves. So you know you are getting a secure and unique experience each time a Spreets deal goes live.

Need support?

Email: supportnz@spreets.com

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51 thoughts on “Spreets.co.nz Profile

  1. I have been trying to get a refund for a voucher not sent out to me. 5 emails later, nothing!
    Not impressed and there is no phone number (surprise, surprise).

  2. I haven’t received my vouchers (2 of them) after paying for them, and having a confirmation email sent from Spreets to me. No response to email contact either.

    Very poor show in not giving any phone contact details.


  3. Seriously concerned, spreets have taken $170 from my credit card for 2 vouchers which I purchased ten days ago, I have had no reply to my several emails and can’t find a phone number, I will not give up but suggest general public tread warily as they seem to have no public relations.

    • Hi Kerry,

      Apologies to hear of a delay in your voucher being received. We have now manually sent this voucher to your inbox and you will receive it in the next few minutes.

      In the future the Support Team can assist you with such queries. You can contact the team via supportnz@spreets.com. We hope this helps.

      Spreets Team

      • Hi
        I ordered so vouchers. I’ve been charged but haven’t recieved my vouchers. I’ve sent them 3 emails. They opened a job and closed it in the same go. The email asked for more details but they closed the job and deemed it solved. ticket#49205. Tried to call the number but it just hangs up on you. It was the Oporto deal for auckland. I got charged for 4 vouchers ordered 6 but got nothing!
        Thanks for the help in advance.

  4. Quite disgusted with Spreets. No phone no. to call them on and they take my money but don’t even answer queries properly on the email. The voucher that I bought doesn’t even show up on “my vouchers” section. I will never use this service again and will be telling everyone of how shocking it truly is. All I want is someone me to email me my voucher but it appears that I am asking them to rip out out a kidney!!!

    • Hi Pakeeza,

      Apologies for the delay in response to this. If there is still an issue here please share your support ticket # issued so we can hastily chase this up for you.

      Spreets Team

  5. I have bought a deal in spreets using 3 mail addresses and 5 transactions each worth $3. But the company has charged me for 8 transactions each worth$3. They issued me the coupons for $15 where as in actual thing they have charged for $24. i tried calling on their phone number but no response. Sent few mails and no response. Time has come to put a stop to some of these fradulent contacts from spreets.

    • I am very disappointed with spreets, I accidently purchased a deal twice due westpac’s system breaking down, I purchased the deal and to be told to purchase again because the first one didnt go through so I purchased it again for the second time, then when the deal sold I found I had purchased the deal twice. I tried to contact spreets and of course no phone and numerous emails and guess what no reply. If I dont get a reply soon I’ll have to take this further. A current affair might want to hear about this and going by all the complains from others I think I’ll have a lot of supporters.

      • Hi helen,
        we both are in same situation. We have enough proofs and comments in this website also will help taking to next level. Tom from Spreets team is currently looking into my issue. If I dont hear from them in 2 more days, I wil proceed through legally. I will definitely support you.


  6. Hi GaneshDoddi,

    Can you please share the support ticket # issued so we can chase this up for you? This would be most appreciated.

    Spreets Team

    • Support ticket is 47730/47452.

      I f they give me the $1 oporto deals for the remaining $9 that’s huge help
      Your help is appreciated.

  7. My credit card was charged $118 over 2 weeks ago now, I haven’t recieved any vouchers on my account or by email. I emailed spreets also over 2 weeks ago now and no one has responded. And I’ve spent all week trying to get hold of the salon the voucher was for to see if they could help me, and I can’t even get hold of them! Very dodgy.

  8. Hey, I see a lot of negative comments here about Spreets, and it seems Spreets had attempted to resolve most of these issues. I’m just wondering if any of these issues were resolved by Spreets to redeem their reputation. If those that had issues could update their situations that would be really helpful. Cheers, Catherine

  9. So far ive had a good experience with Spreets, they’ve sent me the vouchers via email as soon as the deal is complete. Ive booked in my pamper session for Monday, I was keen to book asap because I knew lots of people also got the deal and I didn’t want to miss out…So I’ll see how it goes…

  10. Seems to be a common problem on the slow(non) response for support queries. I would not recommend using spreets.co.nz as my experience has been the same as others. Having to publicly push to have a support query acknowledged is not a way to keep repeat business.

  11. Well ive ordered 3 spreets vouchers so far and all of them have been mostly successful. I got all my vouchers emailed to me by the next day. 2 of them was from Armour Hair and beauty. I was mostly happy with the results. However I did end up spending 3 1/2 hours there when I got my hair done! It seems that if youve got a voucher your not as important as the other full paying customers. Which seems strange to me because I wouldve thought theyd like to make a good impression to make you want to come back?? First I had to wait an hour before anyone saw me, then I had the hairdresser working with other clients at the same time, so stopped in the middle of cutting my hair to attend to someone else! Not too impressed. I also had a manicure, pedicure, massage and facial at the same place another time. That was ok, but the chick said that it had to be done in 2 hours and in her opinion that was enough time so it was rushed. I also got some skin care which im really happy with. Overall I think I would use spreets again just cautiously 🙂

  12. I’ve had a poor experience with Spreets to share with you.
    Here are my reasons why…
    – I unchecked the ‘Recieve daily deal emails’ box yet daily mails appeared in my inbox literally immediately and subsequently every day from then on
    – the daily mails received did not have any unsubscribe facility (illegal)
    – I got no response within 5 days from support e-mail requests to unsubscribe (also illegal)
    – the daily mails kept coming and only stopped once I informed the site I’d laid a formal complaint with the Dept of Internal Affairs about their unsolicted e-mails (FYI http://complaints.antispam.govt.nz/EmailComplaint.aspx if you ever need to use it)
    Its a shame that I personally won’t be using Spreets again or recommending it because of this blatant failure to follow simple customers requests. Up until then they actually looked to be one of the better deal sites with a professional site and decent offers.
    Seems their poor customer service and attitude to aggressive marketing could be their downfall if my experience is anything to go by. Beware!

  13. Well I finally got hold of the salon my vouchers were for – after calling for 6 days straight, twice a day and leaving several messages. They gave me a mobile number for someone working at spreets.

    So the lady from spreets asked me to email her. So I sent through all of the details: date’s, name of sale and the number of my original support ticket, etc. She then sent out a template which was completely irrelevant and closed my request. I emailed back saying that my request was not solved and that I’d like a refund at this point (in a polite and to the point manner). She emailed back saying she would need further details, the ones I sent to her in the beginning!!! and clearly visible in bullet points at the beginning of our correspondence. Once I pointed this out she sent the vouchers. It seriously took all of my self control not to send a very rude email back to her.

    So after alot of effort the vouchers were finally sent, over 3 weeks since I’d paid for them, and 3 days after I’d asked for a refund (as I’m know concerned about just how long it will take me to get hold of the salon when I want to book). I will definitely not be shopping with spreets again!

    • Hey Claire, it wasn’t the $100 ThinkSpa voucher was it?
      I”m having similar problems!! it appears that ThinkSpa have even taken most of their website down, the mobile number on the automated email reply doesn’t work, and the landline goes to voicemail. I’ve left voice messages and emailed asking to make a booking, and lasted I’ve asked for a refund, and of course no reply from them.
      Hubby (who bought the voucher for me) has emailed Spreets asking for a refund from their end, and still no reply either 🙁
      definitely not a relaxing spa encounter as planned!

  14. I am terribly disgusted with spreets! I waited for my refund from early May and I haven’t gotten anything at all! I tried to email many times but there was no response. What should I do? I just emailed the CEO (hope that helps) but if not, can I report or lodge a formal complaint against them?

  15. Guys check out the mailing address below.

    Levels 2, Heards Building
    2 Ruskin Street
    Parnell, Auckland 1052

    Tomorrow i am gonna check out this place to see what is happening there. credit card charged but no deal sent back in email. i think we now need a police investigation.

  16. Same experience as customers below, bought a travel voucher for $765.00 stating we wouldn’t be debited unless 20 were sold, only one sold us however we were still debited. Received no voucher and no reply to many emails sent to the support team. Very frustrating not being able to contact phone anyone as have spent hours trying to get a phone number. Finally managed to google one that some great person had put on line, supposedly they are going to reverse the transaction, lets wait and see.
    Will never buy anything online with Streets again as very stressful, and as for customer service, well there wasn’t any. Have learn’t the hard way.

  17. I have sent few emails to the support team, requesting a refund for a 7 nights accommodation ticket that I have purchased on the website but apparently the (company?) “Ezy Stays” does not provide the same accommodation described in the voucher. I have been trying to get the refund for few weeks now.
    I need an answer ASAP as I have to book my flights. Please respond even if I can not get a refund. It would be good to hear something.
    Not impressed and there is no phone number unless anyone has found one?

  18. I bought a voucher for my wife for a massage and facial. Not only is the number of the beauty spa disconnected, they are not returning emails or phone calls to redeem the voucher.
    Is this standard practise from them??? Is there another way I should be trying to get my money back???

    • hassle Spreets, contact them again, see if you can find a phone number. My husband managed to get a refund for the voucher he bought me.

  19. bought a voucher for a NRL persoalised poster tried several times to redeem voucher only have a note saying voucher did not exist 3rd time it worked but at the end of the order there was nothing to say if order was complete. have e-mail Spreets twice and have had no response very very disappointed in Spreets and the company @ the moment i would NOT recommend Spreets to anyone.:-(

  20. no telephone number for spreets – no email response – disgusting service.

    I purchased the above deal in July 2011 and the company have not responded to my requests to redeem my voucher, I have found someone who can do it cheaper and I would like to request a refund of $149 immediately due to NO service: Also after many attempts at contacting Spreets no one has gotten back to me.

    Here is the details and history.

    this company has not contacted us despite many messages and we are finding it hard to redeem our voucher – subsequently we now want a refund.

    from: Lara Ross – 021 297 1592
    ————————————————————————————————————————————: support@spreets.com
    Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 2:27 PM
    To: Lara Ross
    Subject: Request received: Spreets voucher: arrangement – URGENT (ticket #142619)

    ## Please do not write below this line ##
    Ticket #142619: Spreets voucher: arrangement – URGENT

    Hi Spreeter,

    Your request (#142619) has been received, and is being reviewed by our support staff.

    Please check other popular questions below.

    “Why have I not received my voucher?”:
    All vouchers are sent within 24 hours after the promotional period has ended to your nominated email address.
    If you haven’t received your vouchers within this time please check your SPAM filters and ensure team@spreets.com is added to your safe senders list. You may also log in to your Spreets account with your email address and password. If you do not have a Spreets account you may signup up at https://spreets.com.au/user/signup.

    “I can’t login or my activation code doesn’t work”:
    If you are receiving daily deals in your inbox but can’t log in, it means you are subscribed to our service but have not created an account. Buying from Spreets means you do not have to own an account. There are however advantages to having an account:

    – access to all your purchased vouchers. Never lose a voucher again!
    – save all your information so you can checkout quicker!
    – access your Spreets credit so you can buy more awesome deals!

    To signup go here https://spreets.com.au/user/signup and fill in your details.

    If your query is not one of these topics just hold tight and we will respond as soon as possible.

    To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below:


    Lara Ross, Nov-11 12:27 (EST):
    Messageplease arrange a date for our house washing as per voucher purchased on spreets in July !!!!!!!!!!!

    From: Lara Ross
    Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 5:42 PM
    To: info@swiftpropertymaintenance.co.nz
    Subject: Re: Spreets voucher: arrangement

    please respond

    From: Lara Ross
    Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 3:35 PM
    To: info@swiftpropertymaintenance.co.nz
    Subject: Re: Spreets voucher: arrangement

    this was arranged for 4 Oct but was not done, please advise.

    Thank you

    From: Lara Ross
    Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 7:24 AM
    To: info@swiftpropertymaintenance.co.nz
    Subject: Spreets voucher: arrangement

    please contact me ASAP.

    La Ross
    h- 09 449 0599
    c- 021 297 1592
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Lara Ross [mailto:kevla.ross@xtra.co.nz]
    Sent: 23 July 2011 09:57
    To: info@swiftpropertymaintenance.co.nz
    Subject: Spreets voucher: arrangement


    I have a spreets voucher to get my house washed, please contact me to make suitable arrangements.

    House-Proud? Keep it That Way with an

    Exterior House Wash, $149, Value $390. Up

    to 250sqm!

    Name: Lara Ross

    Voucher #: 33

    Unique Code: K3CVQMBJCW

    PIN Number: 3785

    Redemption Location: n/a

    We stay on the North Shore – Milford

    Kind Regards

    La Ross

    h- 09 449 0599

    c- 021 297 1592


    This email is a service from Spreets


  21. Hi trina here from lahair we have been doing deals for our business thru spreets and they haven’t paid us ! I have No way of contacting them and have found out today that spreets Nz has closed down ! Can any one help with a contact number 021 103 9635 any help would be appreciated .

  22. Just used spreets to purchase their deal. however due to website errors using Paypal the payment went through twice!!! so i have just sent an email to Spreets to ask to cancel and refund one of those orders. will keep everyone posted on how long it take them to get this sorted.
    I have used spreets before and was very happy with their services. I hope that this problem today does not cause me to never shop with them again 🙁

      • 11:57am – I have received an email from Spreets to say that they have cancelled one of the orders and have refunded the amount. it will go back onto my card that i did the purchase with :):):)
        thumbs up to Spreet for their prompt service

  23. Could somebody please please help me?

    I have requested help on the spreets customer care page numerous times & to this day, still no clue as to what is going on with not 1 but 2 of my orders.

    details below – soooooo frustrated, am seriously thinking of contacting fair go, meanwhile my mother still has no xmas present 🙁

    If I can’t have my orders then why on earth can’t I just get a refund????

    [Spreets NZ] Re: Enquiry about voucher: SWP62-V9EI9vzsYe‏
    Freya (notifications-support@spreetsnz.zendesk.com)
    To: Rachael Wilson
    Picture of Freya
    Your request (#5357) has been created. Reply to this email or click the link below:

    Rachael Wilson
    02 Jan 21:12
    Contact Name: Rachael Wilson
    Contact Email: rach_aayla@hotmail.com
    Phone: 0211025437
    Message from Customer:
    Can you please advise where this is or when will it arrive as we are still waiting.
    Thank you

    Customer Care (notifications-support@spreetsnz.zendesk.com)
    Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (#5357)

    Spreets NZ] Re: Enquiry about voucher: SWP62-V9EI9vzsYe‏
    Freya (notifications-support@spreetsnz.zendesk.com)
    To: Rachael Wilson

    Picture of Freya
    Your request (#5818) has been created. Reply to this email or click the link below:

    Rachael Wilson

    08 Jan 22:12

    Contact Name: Rachael Wilson
    Contact Email: rach_aayla@hotmail.com
    Phone: 0211025437

  24. Trying to get my son’s refund back from them, it is impossible, going round and round in circles, and no phone number either, I have found a phone number but it just keeps ringing, then hangs up, this is sooo frustrating we have better things to do with our time than chase you at spreets nz , customer service hmmmmm what service , amazing the other people I have come across that have the same hassles, very frustrating, especially when we give you our money straight away.

  25. Im having the same problem as everyobe here. I have been waiting for my luggage for about 3 weeks now . I have emailed them several times and all I get is an automated email. So desperate yo get a response from them but dont know how.. this website seems to be a scam.

  26. Having the EXACT same problem as everyone here.
    – NO contact number
    -Run around for a good few weeks
    -My money taken with the promise of my item arriving at a certain time then delayed a few extra weeks!
    -I’ve had the run around within the e-mailing system

    In all honesty everyone, I think it’s time for some legal action. They can see how much bad feedback there is on here for the past two years now! OR they are a scheme, taking money from people then delaying them to the extent and making up some poor excuse on why there is no trace of what we’ve purchased.

    I am going to be looking in to possible legal action and sending letters to Fair Go on what this atrocious and appalling website is doing.

  27. Item was changed from 2 weeks delivery to 4 weeks delivery. Trying to get hold of spreets for a refund as can not wait this long for my product. Spreets is not responding to any of my emails. Getting very frustrated with this poor level of customer service. Need my money back so I can purchase elsewhere.

  28. Bought two sets of water dancing speakers and $5 courier fee for each set for them to be delivered. Told expected delivery date 21/3/14. Still have not received item. Have sent two queries about when these will be delivered – I get a copy of an email that Spreets have sent (to their supplier I presume) asking for an update about the delivery – still no response. Wish I had just paid the extra and used a reputable one day site. Will now request my money back.

  29. I bought an I Phone 4s from Spreets. Delivery date was supposed to be yesterday. We have moved house and I asked to change the delivery address. All I got was a copy of email sent to Centurion Media requesting change to delivery address from SPreets. I have sent numerous emails and have not had a response from Spreets. Am very frustrated. I went to the address they had listed in Target Court. No Spreets there!! I have just found out that the company name they go under is DailyDo. Seems something very dodgy is going on here.
    Does anyone have any ideas on what else I can do??

    • I put a negative msg on their Facebook page. It was all sorted very promptly after initially not getting any contact from them.

  30. Me and my partner ordered $200 worth of merchandise and it’s over a month but we haven’t heard from them yet not received our purchases. It’s frustrating because we’ve spent a lot of money. I hope it wouldn’t take that long. We just moved to our new house and we need those materials asap

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