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Interview With FirstIn:

Q1. What is the best deal you’ve ever offered?

FirstIn Says: “Selling out the site in 90 minutes on a computer sale in November last year was a standout day. We had a collection of desktops, notebooks & netbooks which were all gone at 11.30am.”

Q2. What is the fastest you’ve sold out of something?

FirstIn Says: “We regularly have stock which sells out within the first few hours. In March, we moved through 100 film scanners in under 20 minutes. That’s why is pays to sign up for your daily email, so you never miss out!”

Q3. What is the hardest thing about running your business?

FirstIn Says: “We source the globe to find products that our customers would enjoy and benefit from. Having been in this game for 5 years, we know many of our customers personally. Our duty to our customers is to have 4 great products every day that are of interest. This is a constant challenge, but something we love doing. Our mission is to excite our loyal and new customers everyday when they open their First In email at 10am.”

Q4. How are you going to “shake things up” this year?

FirstIn Says: “We have a number of new events planned for 2010 – there is no point telling you now, it would spoil the surprise :. People should always expect First In to have great technology at the best price. This will not change. We will continue to work closely with our suppliers and listen to our customers to bring them the best technology and computer deals in the country.”

Q5. What are the 3 best reasons why customers should buy from you instead of the competition?

FirstIn Says:

  1. “We are specialists in technology, it is what we know and what we love – Adam, our buyer, is the Gadget Guy on TVNZ Good Morning Show, and he was voted the 2008 IT Rockstar. We get a real kick out of sourcing good quality tech gear
  2. We always state our delivery costs on our product pages, so you know the total cost of your purchase upfront
  3. If you have any questions, just give us a call, we have a dedicated customer service team. You can trust First In. First In was the original daily deals site, founded in 2004″

Background Info On First In

First In is for people who love technology and love daily bargins.

Technology is our passion and we spend our time sourcing the best (and most interesting) technology at the best price.

We specialise in computers, and everything we sell has a full one year warranty.

Finally if you have an issue or question, just give us a call, our phone line is manned till 4.30pm on weekdays, or we have a customised online customer console that is manned after hours including over the weekend.

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8 thoughts on “First In Profile

  1. [] They’re totally useless. Over 11 months I placed 5 orders and not one went smoothly; an ignored “help desk” ticket in one case, laptop not matching specifications in another, woefully insufficient packaging for a 3rd, unreasonable and non-communicated delays in 2 others, the final straw for me being an order that was never fulfilled and the story behind it changing with every phone call I made. Having cancelled said final order a month after I placed it due to 4 ETAs being missed, I got a call a week later saying the item was never going to show up and that I was going to be credited – a week after someone else said I was going to be credited in full. I’m never ordering anything off them again & fair warning to anyone who does – you’re really taking your chances with FirstIn.

  2. I have bought a number of things from first in, and have had absolutely no problems with them. The items have been exactly as described, and have been good quality. Orders have been pretty quick to deliver as well.
    I do wish they had more stock some times, but I guess that their name accounts for that. If they had had lots of stock, they’d just be an online shop.
    Having a bit of an interest in technology, I look at First In more than any other one day sale site, and I’m always interested in what they sell.
    The only things I have an issue with would be the fact that they don’t combine postage fees if you buy multiple items even though they may combine the actual items. And that I haven’t been able to get a set of Bose headphones yet. Maybe next time.

  3. I’m with Satisfied, I’ve bought 20+ things from them over the last year and whilst I have had a couple of small issues, I’ve found them great to deal with; especially the fact they have a phone number and they’re generally pro-active on the communication front.

    I’m also interested in technology, so likewise look at it more than any other (and perhaps 3deals). I’m waiting for the Sony Vaio’s to come back so I can replace my aging Compaq!

    I agree on the postage Satisfied, they could improve that.

    Sorry it didn’t work out for your Arhu, I would suggest you’re an exception rather than a rule.

    • Hi Jag
      You’re definitely supposed to have received a charger with your tablet. Please call Bryce on (09) 5222944 and we’ll arrange to get one sent out to you immediately. Apologies for the inconvenience! We had another person ask this yesterday and it turned out to be in the wrapping rather than in the box, please check there as well!

  4. Ordered an from them, estimated shipping date was two WEEKS afterwards…after about 4 days of the initial sale they listed the SAME item for $100 cheaper for new orders even though original buyers hadn’t even received the item yet! I e-mailed to see why existing buyers can’t get a discount on their purchase and was replied back with a rude response. He also said 2 weeks is pretty standard because the item was coming in from overseas and to check the estimated delivery date. They need to make the estimated delivery date more obvious when you purchase the item. By the way, it is now 2 1/2 weeks and still no sign of delivery and no e-mail from them about how much longer it will take…

      • Hi Ming
        We try to make the estimated delivery date as visible as possible on all our listings to ensure customers know when they will receive their goods.

        In this case we have let you down and apologize unreservedly. Our supplier was unable to deliver the tablets they promised us and we have had to source them from a different supplier out of Australia. We have processed a refund for the $100 difference in price and contacted you regarding the delivery date. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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