How do I get my Daily Deal business on one of your lists?

If you love Daily Deals as much as I do and you’ve spotted a new Daily Deal website before I have, then please add it to the comments below.

If you own a Daily Deal website and if you would like hundreds of visitors from every day, then all you have to do is meet the following criteria:

  1. Is your website dedicated to daily deals?
  2. or is your website a large e-commerce shopping sites with a “daily deal” tacked on?  If so, do you have a dedicated webpage for daily deals? Are the other products in your range tucked away so they aren’t in our faces?
  3. Do the deals expire every 24 hours?
  4. Do you have between 1 and 3 daily deals?
  5. Does your website have a funky little countdown timer?
  6. Can we subscribe for email notifications of every day’s deals?
  7. Do you demand an email address before we can see your deals? Not cool
  8. Have you launched? (If you are just collecting email addresses, only paid advertising is available to you until you have launched)

Advertising options are also available.

If you think you meet the criteria, or want to talk about your advertising options:


Sheldon Nesdale

30 thoughts on “How do I get my Daily Deal business on one of your lists?

  1. Hi Sheldon

    Do you have your advertising rates available on your site? I’d like a free listing for in the meanwhile but would like to know if your email address collection includes businesses interested in selling their products and services



  2. Hi there , I am currently getting a website designed for my rugs business, On the front page it will have one deal of the rug every day at a special price and the rest will be as a shopping cart. My website is under process which is and I would like to list under your website please.



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