The Top 8 Advertising Methods for Daily Deal Owners

If you own a Daily Deal site or plan on launching one shortly, you may find this list useful.

It comes out of the 50+ interviews I’ve had with Daily Deal website owners about what marketing and advertising they have done and which methods they thought worked best, and which didn’t work at all.

The Top 8 Advertising Methods for Daily Deal Owners

  1. Consistently offering great deals everyday that buyers tell their friends/family about
  2. Email marketing (daily messages to your own subscribers. I’m not talking about rented email lists, that is spam)
  3. Link building on blogs and human edited business directories
  4. Affiliate Marketing (eg with
  5. Text Ads with Google Adwords
  6. “Remarketing” with Google Adwords
  7. Facebook Advertising (sponsored stories & text based ads)
  8. Banner Advertising

Advertising on comes in at #3, but I wouldn’t limit your advertising to only Consider all the other blogs/directories dedicated to Daily Deals, and then consider more general blogs and business directories.

Are you a daily deal website owner? Have I missed a method that you would recommend?

Pop-Up Windows Demanding Your Email Address Are Awesome

When you visit a new Daily Deal website for the first time, which of the following do you like to see first?

  1. Would you like to see the deals they have on today?
  2. Would you like to read their “About Us” page and look for clues like a physical address that will let you know that you can trust this business with your email address and/or credit card details?
  3. or do you just prefer to get a pop-up window in your face demanding your email address?

You probably didn’t choose Option #3, am I right?

Why do so many Daily Deal sites (especially those in the Experiences category) shove a pop-up window in your face demanding your email address?

The obvious answer is that they want your email address.

In the Daily Deal game, having a huge list of email addresses is as good as gold bars in a bank. With it, they have permission to tempt you with deals every day, and they might be able to decrease the amount they spend on mass media advertising on TV/Newspapers/Radio if their list is big enough.

Is it too early to demand your email address when you only heard about this daily deal website 10 seconds ago? And you are visiting their website for the very first time?

Yes, I think so.

You don’t know them.

And you don’t trust them.

Sometimes you can get past this window by clicking a little “X” or “close” button in the corner or by clicking a link that says “I’m already registered”, but is that really good enough? Do these features make the pop-up window less annoying for you? Of course not.

For users that are already registered, the experience is even worse. Even when you click “remember me” on a website, at some point in the near future, the website will forget who you are and you’ll get the damn pop-up window in your face again. Why-oh-why would these daily deal sites want to annoy loyal customers like that?

To the daily deal website owners I say: Remove your pop-up windows. Pop-up windows may have been awesome in the 1990’s, but now they are annoying. Give us a chance to get to know you first, and we will decide if we want to share our email addresses with you.

What Annoys You? What Do You Think Is Great? Your Chance To Tell Daily Deal Websites What They Need To Change

In the context of Daily Deal websites, I want to know from you:

  • What annoys you?
  • What do you love?

This is your chance to tell the owners of New Zealand’s Daily Deal websites what they need to change to make you happy.  Because annoying customers is never a good idea, and doing more of what customers love is always a great idea.

I’ll start us off:

  • It really annoys me when a daily deal site DEMANDS my email address before I’ve had a chance to see what deals they are offering today!
    • For example:
    • I know why they do it, I’m sure statistics show they get more email address this way, but it is still annoying!
  • I love it when an “experiences” daily deal website lists all the deals throughout the country on one page!
    • For example:
    • I get to see at a glance what’s in other cities that I might buy for friends/family, and it saves me from manually choosing from a list of cities in a clumsy menu
  • I love it when a new daily deal website launches in my city and they do movie tickets for only $5 🙂

Write your comment below starting with:

  • “It really annoys me when…”
  • “I love it when…”

Daily Deal Website Ideas That Haven’t Come to NZ Yet

Here are a few Daily Deal Website ideas that haven’t come to NZ yet:

  1. “Experiences” just for men
    • Have you noticed how girly most of the websites with experiences are? Manicures, pedicures, spas, tanning, haircuts etc.
    • Expect to see websites focused on men this year like the USA based
  2. Aggressive collection of email addresses
    • A tactic used by in Australia is to ride public transport and collect email addresses from passengers (using cute guys and girls with clipboards)
    • There are millions of people in NZ who still have no idea about the Daily Deal concept and this is a way to bring offline people
    • However, the transport authority reprimanded for annoying their passengers!
  3. Facebook’s own version of “Collective Buying”
  4. More Daily Deal niches

Have you seen Daily Deal ideas overseas that you hope to arrive in NZ soon?

4 Reasons Why Most Daily Deal Sites Choose 12 Noon For Their New Deals

Have you noticed that most Daily Deal websites release their new deals at 12 Noon (mid day)?

Some Daily Deal websites have chosen 12 o’clock midnight and others have chosen random times like 10am.


4 Reasons Why 12 Noon Is The Best Time For New Daily Deals

  1. Because no-one is asleep when your new deals go live (almost everyone is asleep at midnight)
  2. Because it builds anticipation when you receive that preview email 5 minutes before it is live on the website (no-one will read your email at midnight, and by morning it might be buried under other emails)
  3. Because it creates potential for a buying frenzy when the deal is totally awesome because there is scarcity at midday, because you know everyone else has seen this deal too (perception of scarcity is a powerful psychological effect)
  4. Because you generate excitement in one of your biggest potential customer segments: office workers. This excitement can spread quickly through the office and pretty soon, everyone has signed up. (This entire group is asleep at midnight)

So why do some Daily Deal websites choose midnight?

One potential reason is that it is easier to schedule from a programming point of view.

And why do other Daily Deal websites choose earlier times like 10am?

Perhaps because they want their emails to get to you before you get slammed by all the 12noon emails.

New Daily Deal Website Ideas

We’ve seen the following types of Daily Deal Websites so far:

  • T-shirts
  • Wine
  • Experiences
  • Charities
  • Kids toys
  • Video Games
  • Movies/DVD’s
  • Books
  • Electronics/technology
  • Sports equipment
  • Fragrance
  • Fishing Gear

What ideas do you have for a new Daily Deal website?

I’ll get us started:

  • Office products – 1 stationery item every day
  • Confectionery – 1 bag of crazy lollies or chocolate everyday (not just the same old stuff you can get from the supermarket)

Add your ideas in the comments below.

An Idea For A New “Daily Deal” Website…

Here’s an idea for a new “Daily Deal” style website:

  • 1 Featured Charity per day that you can donate $5 to

What do you think?

What could we call it? Eg “”? Or something else?

Would you volunteer your time to help me build it or run it?

Would you donate to the charity, if you thought it was a worthy cause?

Have your say in the comments below:

When Something Goes Wrong With A Daily Deal, Is It Hard To Talk To A Real Person?

Have you ever suffered from one of these problems?

  • You’re not sure your order went through, you want to check with someone right now before you miss out
  • Your package hasn’t arrived yet, it’s overdue
  • Your purchase arrived but it isn’t what you expected, you want to return it for a refund
  • Your purchase is faulty, you want a refund or a replacement

What do you do in these situations?

Do you:

  • Pick up the phone and call customer services?
  • Find an email address on the contact page?
  • Fill in a contact form on their website?
  • Open a support ticket using their online system?
  • Click “Reply” on one of the daily newsletters and write your message there?

Have you noticed that not all the Daily Deal websites offer all of these contact methods?

Have you noticed that most of the time you can’t find a phone number at all, they force you to write an email to them?

Why are they so secretive about their phone numbers sometimes?

Perhaps they only have a couple of staff and they are too busy finding new products for next week, they are too busy to talk to you?

What are your thoughts on this?

  • How annoying is it not being able to find a phone number and talk to a real person?
  • Can you understand their perspective for not providing a phone number?


What Advice Do You Have For New One Day Sale Websites?

Did you know that the list of one day sale websites grows every month?

In fact, there are entrepreneurs plotting and scheming about how to take a slice of “1 day sale” pie right now.

Competition is good. It’s healthy. And it means better and better deals for you, the customer.

So what advice do you have for the business people setting up their own versions of a one day sale website?

On the Facebook page, Paula Simcock suggests “why not post the delivery charges up front? It would be nice to know the full cost before getting to credit card entry stage!”

Do you agree with that suggestion? I sure do.

So let’s make that our first suggestion to these entrepreneurs:

#1. State freight/delivery charges upfront

Add your additions to this list in the comments below.

What Do You Want To Know About Each Of The Daily Deal Websites?

I’m writing a list of 5 questions to ask the owners of all the daily deal websites listed on, and I need your help.

Here is the first draft of the list of questions, vote for ones you like:

[poll id=”4″]

What else should I ask them?

Write your ideas in the comments below.