About Us

me-2014-200Hi, my name is Sheldon Nesdale.

I live in Tauranga, New Zealand.

While Google creates good lists, humans create great lists.  I have created LoveOneDaySales.co.nz to be the ONLY website you need to keep track of the explosive growth of the “Daily Deal” industry.

Q: “How did you get started with LoveOneDaySales.co.nz?”

In July 2009 I started a list of New Zealand “One Day Deal Websites” on my marketing blog because I noticed that a few copy cats were offering an alternative to 1-day.co.nz.

The list grew more and more popular to the point where I was getting over 1000 visits a day over Christmas 2009. I clearly saw an opportunity so I turned the blog article into this website LoveOneDaySales.co.nz.

I also have an American version: www.LoveOneDaySales.com

Q: “Is this all you do? What’s your day-job?”

What I do:

  • LoveOneDaySales (takes up about a small amount of my time)
  • Small business marketing, advertising and sales in Tauranga, New Zealand
  • I read A LOT of business books
  • In 2011 I graduated with an MBA from Waikato Uni
  • I donate some of my time to some charities and small businesses that can’t afford me
  • And I like to create niche online businesses/websites like these examples:
    1. www.NZHotPools.co.nz. A comprehensive list of all of New Zealand’s thermal hot pools (over 100 listed).
    2. www.Firstbyte.co.nz. for a list of my other niche websites


Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing First 2009 Ltd
c/o BaseStation, 148 Durham St
Tauranga 3110
New Zealand.