The Top 8 Advertising Methods for Daily Deal Owners

If you own a Daily Deal site or plan on launching one shortly, you may find this list useful.

It comes out of the 50+ interviews I’ve had with Daily Deal website owners about what marketing and advertising they have done and which methods they thought worked best, and which didn’t work at all.

The Top 8 Advertising Methods for Daily Deal Owners

  1. Consistently offering great deals everyday that buyers tell their friends/family about
  2. Email marketing (daily messages to your own subscribers. I’m not talking about rented email lists, that is spam)
  3. Link building on blogs and human edited business directories
  4. Affiliate Marketing (eg with
  5. Text Ads with Google Adwords
  6. “Remarketing” with Google Adwords
  7. Facebook Advertising (sponsored stories & text based ads)
  8. Banner Advertising

Advertising on comes in at #3, but I wouldn’t limit your advertising to only Consider all the other blogs/directories dedicated to Daily Deals, and then consider more general blogs and business directories.

Are you a daily deal website owner? Have I missed a method that you would recommend?

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