Pop-Up Windows Demanding Your Email Address Are Awesome

When you visit a new Daily Deal website for the first time, which of the following do you like to see first?

  1. Would you like to see the deals they have on today?
  2. Would you like to read their “About Us” page and look for clues like a physical address that will let you know that you can trust this business with your email address and/or credit card details?
  3. or do you just prefer to get a pop-up window in your face demanding your email address?

You probably didn’t choose Option #3, am I right?

Why do so many Daily Deal sites (especially those in the Experiences category) shove a pop-up window in your faceĀ demanding your email address?

The obvious answer is that they want your email address.

In the Daily Deal game, having a huge list of email addresses is as good as gold bars in a bank. With it, they have permission to tempt you with deals every day, and they might be able to decrease the amount they spend on mass media advertising on TV/Newspapers/Radio if their list is big enough.

Is it too early to demand your email address when you only heard about this daily deal website 10 seconds ago? And you are visiting their website for the very first time?

Yes, I think so.

You don’t know them.

And you don’t trust them.

Sometimes you can get past this window by clicking a little “X” or “close” button in the corner or by clicking a link that says “I’m already registered”, but is that really good enough? Do these features make the pop-up window less annoying for you? Of course not.

For users that are already registered, the experience is even worse. Even when you click “remember me” on a website, at some point in the near future, the website will forget who you are and you’ll get the damn pop-up window in your face again. Why-oh-why would these daily deal sites want to annoy loyal customers like that?

To the daily deal website owners I say: Remove your pop-up windows. Pop-up windows may have been awesome in the 1990’s, but now they are annoying. Give us a chance to get to know you first, and we will decide if we want to share our email addresses with you.

2 thoughts on “Pop-Up Windows Demanding Your Email Address Are Awesome

  1. Only thing I disagree with here is your claim popup windows may have been awesome in the 90s.
    They were never awesome, they have always been annoying.

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