What Annoys You? What Do You Think Is Great? Your Chance To Tell Daily Deal Websites What They Need To Change

In the context of Daily Deal websites, I want to know from you:

  • What annoys you?
  • What do you love?

This is your chance to tell the owners of New Zealand’s Daily Deal websites what they need to change to make you happy.  Because annoying customers is never a good idea, and doing more of what customers love is always a great idea.

I’ll start us off:

  • It really annoys me when a daily deal site DEMANDS my email address before I’ve had a chance to see what deals they are offering today!
    • For example: www.Cudo.co.nz
    • I know why they do it, I’m sure statistics show they get more email address this way, but it is still annoying!
  • I love it when an “experiences” daily deal website lists all the deals throughout the country on one page!
    • For example: http://www.grabone.co.nz/home
    • I get to see at a glance what’s in other cities that I might buy for friends/family, and it saves me from manually choosing from a list of cities in a clumsy menu
  • I love it when a new daily deal website launches in my city and they do movie tickets for only $5 🙂

Write your comment below starting with:

  • “It really annoys me when…”
  • “I love it when…”

29 thoughts on “What Annoys You? What Do You Think Is Great? Your Chance To Tell Daily Deal Websites What They Need To Change

  1. I HATE it when you get crap from mystery deals that are just not worth the price you paid. I HATE when it interfaces with facebook as I feel like it’s selling my details to facebook (which it probably is).

  2. It really annoys me when an “exerience” deal doesn’t have the location up front straight away and you have to go into the website, then the “more info” tab to find out where exactly the deal is. AND it really annoys me when a deal comes up on email but the website still shows yesterdays.
    I love it when theres an opening sign-up offer like Cudos $10 voucher.

  3. I had to delete so many as I was getting dozens of them everyday…stuff that’s just not applicable to me, the numbers crept up & up, my in box was full of them all……… what I really love is the good buys I got…I love my bench top cooker, hubbies Golf game & a few other bits n bobs….would love to be able to just receive a couple of emails daily…not dozens…its so messy…I just had to stop trying to read them all….

    • Carole, if I could provide you with a way to choose your favourite sites and have only those emailed to you every day in a single email, is that something you’d be willing to pay a monthly fee for, or only if it’s free?

  4. I dislike the register/sign up sites, to the point that I just don’t bother looking at them.

    I like having all of NZ on one page, I think it’s very considerate, which is also why I only check experiences, one deal, more deals, shopping and parents from the Love One Day Sales take a peek pages, and not individually.

  5. I hate it when sites uses auto pop ups subscription form to collect email addresses. If we like the site we can subscribe happily but forcing us to the door to enter is not seems good.

    I love it when customer’s complaints or queries are answered in timely fashion.I love it when shipping & faq links is easily viewable so I can read the info before I buy.

  6. I hate it when I order a product from a one day website then it doesn’t arrive for three weeks!

    I love it when I win freebies from their facebook page!

  7. I hate it when you order two pairs of the same trousers from nzsale, they are completely different sizes, I pay the cost of postage both ways and they won’t refund my money, but give me a sales voucher so I have to shop with them again and pay more postage for something that may not be the right size. What??…and go through it all again? I have two orders which they have refunded me, that’s over $200 tied up with them that I don’t want to spend with them.

  8. I HATE it when websites force on you the annoying email sign-up popup box before you can carry on, even if you’ve already signed up!!! Guilty sites include Grabone and Groupy.

    I LIKE it when websites have fast shipping, and the shipping fee is very reasonable. I’ve been impressed with CrazySales service on this regard.

  9. I HATE it that you have R18 sites on your page as I have children looking at your page everyday and I just have to hope they are ignoring them. They can easily click on them if they feel like having a look. PLEASE take them off !

  10. I hate it when you are made to register on a site before you can purchase.
    I hate it with a passion when
    – you uncheck the ‘Recieve daily deal emails’ box yet daily mails appear in your inbox literally immediately and subsequently every day from then on
    – the daily mails received do not have any unsubscribe facility (illegal)
    – you get no response within 5 days from support e-mail requests to unsubscribe (also illegal)
    – the daily mails keep coming and only stop once you inform the site you’ve laid a formal complaint with the Dept of Internal Affairs about their unsolicted e-mails (FYI http://complaints.antispam.govt.nz/EmailComplaint.aspx if you ever need to use it)
    Its a shame that I personally won’t be using Spreets again or recommending it because of this blatant failure to follow simple customers requests. Up until then they actually looked to be one of the better deal sites with a professional site and decent offers.
    Seems their poor customer service and attitude to aggressive marketing could be their downfall if my experience is anything to go by. Beware!

  11. I hate it when you see something you want for really cheap, like $3 for a hair clip for example,and then the dodgy buggers try to charge you $9 for postage! This has stopped my buying on HEAPS of occasions!
    I like it when its an awesome deal and Im lucky enough to get in and buy it on time!

    • Totally agree! And then you get charged you get charged an extra 50c for every additional item no matter how small – I’m sorry, but 10 hairclips should not cost $13 to ship!

      • and when they say something is cheaper than RRP, and by adding on the shipping makes it more expensive. Don’t know why they don’t just include the shipping in it.

  12. I hate it when a sight makes a bogus “usual” price for a product that no one else sells. An electric frying pan at $29.95, usually $159 – YEAH RIGHT!!!!

    • Especially when it’s on GrabOne or something. A few times they’ve said a certain meal is one cost and I’ve gone on the site and its been another cheaper price. Just so they can increase the % discount. Dicks.

  13. I hate it when they’re charging $8.50 postage for one nailpolish and for every subsequent item (no matter how small or lightweight) they charge an extra 50c. Come on people, we all have a fair idea of how much couriers cost!

    I love it when they have really good deals on things that normally you’d never be able to afford.

  14. Has anyone else had trouble browsing ‘off the back’. All my other sites load the current sales, but going to off the back now loads yesterdays, I have had this problem for three or four days. Even going to the website loads yesterdays or the day befores .

  15. Two things I hate:

    When delivery is quoted as 7, 8, 14 weeks or more, but they take your money straight away. If a deal is offered then the goods should be deliverable immediately.

    When price looks really good for a deal, but then a delivery fee of a similar amount of money has to be added

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