Daily Deal Website Ideas That Haven’t Come to NZ Yet

Here are a few Daily Deal Website ideas that haven’t come to NZ yet:

  1. “Experiences” just for men
    • Have you noticed how girly most of the websites with experiences are? Manicures, pedicures, spas, tanning, haircuts etc.
    • Expect to see websites focused on men this year like the USA based Dealometry.com
  2. Aggressive collection of email addresses
    • A tactic used by JumpOnIt.com.au in Australia is to ride public transport and collect email addresses from passengers (using cute guys and girls with clipboards)
    • There are millions of people in NZ who still have no idea about the Daily Deal concept and this is a way to bring offline people
    • However, the transport authority reprimanded JumpOnIt.com.au for annoying their passengers!
  3. Facebook’s own version of “Collective Buying”
  4. More Daily Deal niches

Have you seen Daily Deal ideas overseas that you hope to arrive in NZ soon?

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