What Can You Do When The Deal Goes Bad?

Thousands of deals happen every day on the Daily Deal websites listed on LoveOneDaySales.co.nz.

The vast majority of them go ahead without a hitch šŸ™‚

But sometimes, for some reason or another, something goes wrong and the deal goes bad šŸ™

  • Maybe the deal turns up but it’s not what you expected?
  • Maybe your deal doesn’t arrive when you thought it would?
  • Maybe your credit card gets charged twice?

What can you do about it when it happens to you?

What Can You Do When The Deal Goes Bad?

  1. Locate their customer support system on their website
    • Usually this is an email form
    • or a “support ticket” system
    • or sometimes just an email address
  2. Describe your problem and ensure you include any reference numbers, receipt numbers, date and time etc so your problem is easy to track
  3. Include what you want to happen next Eg a replacement? a different item? a refund?
  4. Include your expectation of when you would like a result Eg “Please provide a replacement product by Friday the 20th of Jan”
  5. If you don’t hear from them, or the date you set for them passes, fill in the contact form again
  6. If that doesn’t work, let me know via this website and I’ll see what I can do


Sheldon Nesdale
The Daily Deal Sheriff

24 thoughts on “What Can You Do When The Deal Goes Bad?

  1. Some of the larger more well known daily deals are known by insiders who have worked there that the policy is to make it as hard as possible to return items. This can be extremely frustrating for customers.
    Also, pays to avoid ‘lucky dip’ as they are usually shit nobody else wants, and rarely the one amazingly awesome thing they advertise (ie camera etc)

  2. Hi Sheldon,
    We had a bad experience with catch of the day. We bought 3x the amount of product, they sent us 1 and charged us for all 3. We contacted them who emailed just the once, asking for proof of what we received, what condition the packaging was in and what the labels looked like. We sent through photos and told them we wanted the product delivered to us or a refund, we heard nothing. We contacted them through their help and tech centres, still no response. We sent messages to their feedback “customer is always right” blog which they didn’t post, they have no phone number listed for contacting them. After this we told them we would be going to Fair Go, which we did but had no response there either and the police. We are still waiting for a response or a refund, this happened at the end of June!!

    • Yikes! Sounds like the same problems I had to deal with… on and on … My suggestion:Don’t deal with them after this
      C.o.D gave me no end of grief! . No other bad experiences with other companies so far. LOVE strawberrynet.com I suggest that you must be prepared for a long wait with any online problems as there is never a direct phone company to sort things.
      Customer service is a dream or nightmare! It is a risk and feels like you are dealing with your neighbour when you order,(good or bad) but not always so in reality. Just go by what your friends experience, so you know what you might be in stall for, šŸ™‚

  3. Shelley if you paid by credit card you can contact your bank and they should reverse the charges as you didn’t receive the product.

    • WIth credit cards it is not that the transaction can be ‘reversed’ per se. I know with Mastercard and Visa International that if it is non receipt of goods that you may “dispute” the charge if the goods are not recieved after 30 days of being told they would and there has been no substantial evidence of the company contacting you to advise of delays etc. A sort of goodfaith situation. It would pay to talk to your bank about the options you have. Unfortunately there is a long and lengthy process as stipulated by Visa and MasterCard International (in the cases i dealt with) rather than your bank or credit card provider.

      Wish you the best of luck with getting either your money or the product!

      • I got scammed by fragrancex….. spent lots of money..buying a significant amount of fragrance that never arrived…… when i contacted Ministry of Consumer Affairs they confirmed that it was a scam and recommended i apply for a chargeback on my credit card. I completed the chargeback form, and attached emails etc, and within two days of faxing it to the bank, i had the charge on my visa reversed…..awsome… only thing is you have to do it within 30 days of receiving the statement that shows the payment you made..

  4. Hi there Sheldon
    I too am having a hideous experience with catch of the day, I received my faulty product on 5th October emailed them immediately and waited over 2 weeks to get the post return form (RMA). I immediately posted it and am still waiting for my refund. I have (after sending them many emails) received an email stating they were sorry for the delay and would send me my RMA form to send back faulty goods!! They had obviously not realised I had sent it back six weeks ago. It wasn’t an expensive item but it is the principle of it and that feeling of helplessness when you just want to ring their necks!
    I don’t imagine I will have much joy but I also warned them with Fair Go to which I have had no response.
    Although the have some great deals I wouldn’t trust them again,lesson learned for me.

    • Just to follow up on my catch of the day experience. Over 10 weeks late they did credit the money back to me, but told me they would credited my C.of the D account. To which I reasponded please just put the money back in the account you took it from, as I don’t plan on dealing with you any further in the future. They did so promptly. On the whole not a great experience, but I guess you must consider this when you deal with purchases online -they very often just that and don’t have a phone customer service so it can take a long time to sort things out. Try to be brief but not too rude as I would imagine they delay responses just to because they can.
      All over rover.

  5. Well… I finally got a response the other day and they have provided a postage form to send the product back… I guess I am at their mercy as to whether the refund actually comes through!

    in STARK Contrast… I had an issue with a Trampoline that I brought in August with 3Deals.co.nz – when I tried to put it up, the wrong mat was in the package – e-mailed on Saturday – had a response FIRST THING on Monday morning – supplier rang that afternoon and new Mat in the courier today! THAT is how business SHOULD be done on these one day sites!!!

  6. Snatchadeal disappointment products, first order was 2 x mini MP4 Players, one faulty with skew screen – no replacement product available (was a gift so this is not aceptable) Second order was 2 x touchscreen MP4 Players, and guess what, one of them faulty, hanging and wont boot up. .. also a gift !! Thats 50% failure rate on product – guess I wont be buying from their site any longer!

    • To follow up on my snatch-a deal disappointment products – I wish to add that they have been extremely helpful in sorting me out, not yet resolved but they did organise a courier to collect the item from my house and are sending it back to the supplier for assessment – hopefully a replacement will be on the way. So far so good !

  7. I only just discovered this website!

    Bought three ‘sealed jars’ (Typhoon – Bright Dot Storage Cannisters (3)) from 6shooter.co.nz. The pasta jar and utensils jar arrived without lids. I understand with utensils jar, but pasta definitely needs to be sealed. I emailed the website customer support, they said only the cookie jar has a lid, not the other two. I googled the jars, found pictures of the originals sold online, the pasta jar of course had a lid. I emailed this to him but had no response. I ordered them 26 nov last year, so figure there’s nothing i can do?

  8. I have a bad experience with 6 shooter! I purchased a remote lightweight helicopter off them and I couldn’t believe the quality of it! It is something you would get at the $2 shop, I emailed them in regards to returning it and getting a refund, not wanting the postage but at least the cost of it and they finally got back to me and stated this was not possible as it “clearly stated what it was in the ad” I couldn’t believe it, if you did happen to put batteries in it, one crash and it would be all over, I certainly do not recommend this site to anyone, a rip off i say!

    • Hello Julie;
      Silverlit Electronics have been manufacturing Helicopters for 15 years. They sell throughout the world.We have sold hundreds of them. As advertised the Picooz Helicopters are small and lightweight. Its construction will withstand crashes. All you have to do is purchase 2 batteries.

      Kind Regards

      Richard @ 6 shooter

  9. I bought a freeview box from DailyDeals which was faulty. Tried contacting DailyDeals but got no response so I contacted the manufacurer directly and they sorted it out……but a reply from Daily Deals would have been nice. Won’t be dealing with them again.

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