When Something Goes Wrong With A Daily Deal, Is It Hard To Talk To A Real Person?

Have you ever suffered from one of these problems?

  • You’re not sure your order went through, you want to check with someone right now before you miss out
  • Your package hasn’t arrived yet, it’s overdue
  • Your purchase arrived but it isn’t what you expected, you want to return it for a refund
  • Your purchase is faulty, you want a refund or a replacement

What do you do in these situations?

Do you:

  • Pick up the phone and call customer services?
  • Find an email address on the contact page?
  • Fill in a contact form on their website?
  • Open a support ticket using their online system?
  • Click “Reply” on one of the daily newsletters and write your message there?

Have you noticed that not all the Daily Deal websites offer all of these contact methods?

Have you noticed that most of the time you can’t find a phone number at all, they force you to write an email to them?

Why are they so secretive about their phone numbers sometimes?

Perhaps they only have a couple of staff and they are too busy finding new products for next week, they are too busy to talk to you?

What are your thoughts on this?

  • How annoying is it not being able to find a phone number and talk to a real person?
  • Can you understand their perspective for not providing a phone number?


34 thoughts on “When Something Goes Wrong With A Daily Deal, Is It Hard To Talk To A Real Person?

  1. Good article! I made a similar comment yesterday about this. It definitely helps having a real person to talk to!

  2. I just had to return an item to OffTheBack.co.nz. It was a little bit tricky finding out how to do so but I found the email address I needed and got a reply within a few hours which was great. And they provided me with a FreePost label which I think was a really nice touch.

  3. I have had to deal with Xtra/Yahoo’s deal website before to return a faulty keyboard. The email address they gave kept bouncing back my emails stating that their email quota was full.

    I had to contact the company that ran the website (hubsta) to get it sorted out. Things were sorted out alright after that.

    Also just dealt with Firstin’s customer service. Was pleasantly suprised how quick things were worked out, and how polite and friendly they were. A+.

  4. I ordered one product of catchoftheday and was expecting as the website stated to receive an email stating when the order had been dispatched. I never received an email, I read on their site that it could take up to 3weeks to receive package and after this time to contact them, so I did as the website suggested.. waited.

    Logged in to find that low and behold it had been dispatched the day after the order was made. I emailed them it took 2days to receive a reply. Then they told me the tracking number and it had said that it had been an attempted delivery (find that hard to believe since I am home all the time as is another member of the family) well found out eventually that the package was apparently scanned return to sender. It took 3weeks ontop of the month I had already waited for the package to hear anything else as they had to lodge an inquiry. I only heard after I had emailed them asking what the outcome was, all I got was a refund! Ok great money back! Disappointed that I never received my item though.

    I ordered another item two days after from another site and received that within a week.

    Most annoying thing was that I couldn’t even call anyone as they don’t list a phone number on their website, found it hard to figure out how to contact them in the first place!

  5. I had to return a faulty MP3 player to offtheback once. Those guys are awesome. I had a refund the same evening and an email saying basically ‘return the faulty product if you want but we aren’t too stressed about it’. Can’t ask for any more than that.

  6. Ordered a deal [from 1-day.co.nz] on May 16th. I live in Hamilton, so its a local delivery. I’m still waiting – promised delivery was May 19th. I have emailed 4 times – no reply. I have left a message 3 times on their live-chat message board as there is never anyone live chatting (they say they are too busy). I posted a to-the-point comment on their facebook page but it was removed within 5 seconds. I’m getting really pissed with them, especially as I have ordered 2 more items in the interim. I certainly shan’t be ordering any more. This is the first time I have had a problem with this site, it’ll be the last.

    • The first comment was about 1Day. I have also had issues with Firstin but at least they were really good at responding to my complaint and sorted it straight away.

      • Just made contact with 1Day on their on-line chat (at long last!!). It seems they have had email probems but also that they “lost” my order. They have offered to supply an alterative product as the original has all gone so I guess that’s fine. I have received both the other orders and I see that they are now sending a dispatch email with tracking details so that’s a definite improvement. I guess I will give them the benefit of the doubt but once bitten………….older and wiser eh šŸ™‚

  7. Just wondering how long is an acceptable time to wait for a response by email? I have tried to contact 1-day twice in the last two weeks to resolve an issue with a faulty product. I have only had an automated response and their “Online Chat” is always offline!
    I have dealt with a couple of other businesses recently (not one day sale sites) and in both cases I sent an email in the evening and received a response and resolution first thing the following morning. I know they (1-day) must be busy but i still feel that 2-3 days is plenty of time to respond to a customer complaint. If you can’t achieve this then the answer is simple – you need more/better customer service staff. Judging by all the negative comments on their Facebook page they have a few customer service issues at the moment.
    I have made plenty of purchases through 1-day and always been very satisfied (except for 1 bag of crap that really was crap and went straight in the bin!)
    Maybe it’s time to get Kevin Milne on the case………..

  8. Am having the same problem [with 1-day] have sent three emails as I want to return faulty product. No response, getting very frustrated.!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I brought a cell phone last week off the new IT Deals site, under shipping it says that usually online orders from main cities (I live in Tauranga) take 1-3 days. I thought, great, and made the purchace. Then reading through the T& C’s it said that cell phones take 1 week for delivery, which I thought OK, so not great but at least it’s only a week.
    Seeing how I hadn’t used this site before I emailed them and asked for conformation of which delivery time frame I should go with (deliverey address was my work place and I wanted to make sure someone was there to pick it up), they got back to me straight away and advised it would be 1 week. OK, I thought, it’s only one week…
    Today I emailed again as the week was up and I wanted to know when the phone was likley to turn up. The reply I got back from IT Deals was that the ETA was looking like the 20/07 almost another week away! Now I may sound a little impatient and maybe I am, but my feelings are if they knew it was going to take that long why couldn’t they have siad that at the point of sale? After this phone finally turns up, I doubt I will be ordering anything else from them.

    • I know exactly what you mean Bex. If I was told “it will be delivered in 3 weeks” I’d be a bit gutted but at least I’d know how long I have to wait for. But to be told “1 week”, and then “another week” and then “another week” drives me crazy!

  10. I bought a Logitech Harmony 885 Universal remote from Deal a Day in April 09. The unit died early Sept 2010. The manufacturer’s online troubleshooting guide went well enough until the conclusion “your unit appears to be faulty; please contact Logitech for replacement.” Two days later Logitech Support replied indicating that I had to seek a replacement through my retailer. Heart sank, thinking “fat chance here!”, but duly completed an online service ticket on the Deal a Day website.
    Deal a Day’s first response was just over a day later (on a SUNDAY EVENING!), and it took less than 2 weeks from first contact for Deal a Day to have the NZ Distributor honour the warranty and deliver a replacement unit. All along the way Deal a Day kept in touch with friendly informative updates on progress.
    I didn’t even look to see if I could phone their customer service; email seemed the natural first choice given that I wanted to copy the Logitech email to Deal a Day. Furthermore, the Deal a Day service was so exemplary via email that it did not matter that I didn’t speak to a person.
    After this experience I cannot speak highly enough of Deal a Day’s after sales support. Thanks especially to Dinesh, my contact throughout.

  11. I brought a shower head off Crazy Sales a week ago. They stated it would be o.k for low and high pressure water.
    It was not suitable for low pressure, the water came out cold, even with the tap turned all the way to hot.
    I email Crazy Sales about the problem, but no one has contacted me about it.
    Very poor service and will not deal with them again.

      • It all has to do with water pressure, ours is low. The old shower head was working fine when we reattached it, warm water straight away.
        We left the new shower head on for at least 5 minutes with nothing but cold water running through it, and the setting was at hot.
        Yes all other taps were running hot, so no problem with that.
        I am sure the new shower head would work on high a pressure system, but Crazy Sales advertised it as being compatible for both high pressure and low.

        • Hi Sue,

          My apologize for the wrong info provided.Could you email us your order number,we will definitely look into this issue.Make everyone a happy customer that’s CrazySales promise.

          • ALICK

            I emailed your company months ago about the issue and no reply. The shower head is still living in a draw unused. I have thrown the invoice number away after all this time, thinking no one at Crazy Sales give a dam about customer service, so I have not bothered ordering any more products from you.


  12. i brought a samsung galaxy from one day there was a “live remaining stock” indicator on the auction and it stated 10 to 14 days for delivery, after nearly 3 weeks of waiting and not being replied to via e mail they finally got back to me stating that they order the phones from over seas after the auction finishes so as to not over stock items, so the indicator was false advertising in the first place right? then finally after 3 and a bit weeks the phone turned up. i went to try and use the phone and found the microphone didint work so no one could hear me during phone calls then i tried to upgrade the firm ware as the auction stated you could do and found the phone was not supported in new zealand, obviously a parallel import, i only brought the phone because of this ability to up grade it and now cant do it! really not happy with one day and i am questioning weather the phone is real or fake now, i want to know my rights in getting a refund, What are your thoughts?

  13. hello all i am tryn to get a hold of 1-daysale.co.nz as i brought a refurbished iphone 4 off them.
    the mic dose not work when i recive a call the battery only last half a day .
    i have emailed them 5 times.
    its been 2 weeks now and still emailing them every 3rd day where do i go from here please help me

  14. Hey I am having similar problem as Bryce, brought a tablet off 1day sale.co.nz was only $100 but stopped working after 30-45 minuits, sent it back and have been struggling for last 3 weeks getting an answer out of them on whats happening with it, if anyone knows a contact number for 1 day please post.

    • Did you end up getting this sorted? I am currently going through a similar issue with them regarding a faulty iPhone

  15. I wish I had seen this page before my son bought an I-phone 4 from 1 day. This was last August and I am still waiting for them to sort out a problem. It didn’t work from the day it arrived and now we are trying to get a refund. We have just received the phone back which they have apparently fixed but guess what they did not return the charger so we can’t double check.

  16. I had a problem with 1day re a mac book air, they supplied the wrong size hard drive model.
    Buggers to get any help from!
    After 6 weeks went to my bank and had a reverse payment back to my credit card, thanks Westpac.
    I would never purchase off 1day again and certainly don’t promote them in any way.

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