List of ALL the One Day Sale Websites in New Zealand

The purpose of this page is to list ALL of NZ’s daily deal websites.

Why? Because we’re New Zealanders and we bloody love a good deal that’s why.

Thank you to all those who have added to the list so far. On average there is a new site added to this list every week! So if you spot a new one before we do, please tell us about it in the comments below.

24 Daily Deal Websites in 5 Categories:

HOT / 13 More / 4 Experiences / 2 Wine, Beer & Spirits / 2 Travel / 3 Shopping /
+ 12 Aggregators

HOT Daily Deal Websites

  1. [Read Profile]
    [six deals at 12noon everyday]
    [Nationwide | Auckland | Wellington]

MORE 1 Day Sale Websites [13]:

These Daily Deal websites have several deals each day. Peek at ALL of them

    [seven deals at 12noon everyday]
    [three deals at 12noon everyday]
    [three new deals at 9am everyday]
    [six new deals at 10am everyday]
  5. [Free]
    [three new deals at 12noon everyday, all which are free]
    [WhangareiAuckland | Hamilton | Bay of Plenty | Hawkes Bay |  Wellington | Christchurch | Dunedin + nationwide]
  7. [Read Profile]
    [six deals at 12noon everyday]
  8. [Electronics] [Read Profile]
    [three deals at 10am everyday]
  9. [Body Building Nutrition]
    [daily deals]
  10. [Outdoor and Leisure]
    [two deals everyday at 12noon]
    [three deals at 10am every day]
    [new deals at 12noon everyday]
    [several new deals at 12noon every day]

EXPERIENCES 1 Day Sale Websites [4]:

This list of Daily Deal websites focus on providing experiences in particular New Zealand cities. Peek at ALL of them

    Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Rotorua-Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu-Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson-Marlborough, Christchurch, Dunedin-Invercargill, Queenstown-Wanaka
    Auckland | Waikato | Tauranga | Hawkes Bay | Wellington | Christchurch | Otago | Manawatu-Wanganui | Queenstown +4 more cities planned
    Auckland | Christchurch
    Nationwide | Auckland | Wellington

WINE, BEER & SPIRITS 1 Day Sale Websites [2]:

These Daily Deal websites specialise in Wine, Beer & Spirits. Peek at ALL of them

  1. [Wine, Beer, Spirits]
    [One main deal, with a clearance sale also]
  2. [Wine, Cider, Spirits]
    [three new deals at midnight everynight]

TRAVEL Daily Deal Websites [2]:

These Daily Deal websites specialise in travel deals such as holidays, accommodation etc. Peek at ALL of them

  1. [Accommodation: Copthorne + Millenium]
    [accommodation just for Copthorne + Millenium hotels]
  2. [Flights]
    [cheap NZ domestic flights that sell out fast]

SHOPPING Websites with Daily Deals [3]:

These websites are not dedicated to Daily Deals. They are large e-commerce websites that sell many products but have a number on special for 24 hours at a time.

    [4 deals at a time]
  2. [Read Profile]
    [three new deals at 12noon every day]
    [Uncovers the best discounts from a large range of leading retailers, and brings them all together in the one place]

AGGREGATORS of 1 Day Sale Websites [12]:

These websites combine the deals of various Daily Deal websites all onto one page.

  1. [Products]
    A comprehensive NZ aggregator with clean layout
  2. [Products]
    Aggregates only 7 product daily deal websites which you can receive by email every day
  3. [Products + Experiences]
    The first website about NZ daily deals (Oct 2008). Confusing layout which lacks structure. Good quality articles which are well researched
  4. [Products & Experiences]
    Good layout, good graphics. No aggregating, just lists of links. Sadly, completely abandoned, with content that is 6 months out of date and no responses to comments
  5. [Products + Experiences]
    Layout ok. Aggregates deals of most daily deal sites on home page, but content is months out of date: newest daily deal sites haven’t been added. Good iPhone App
    Just pages and pages of lists of hyperlinks and text-ads. Set up to rank well in the search engines and earn revenue from ads
    Layout confusing and hard to navigate. Paging is a nuisance. You can choose your city and see all experiences there which is clever
  8. [Products + Experiences]
    Uses identical code to GetFrank
  9. [Experiences]
    Aggregates all 10 of the “experiences” sites for Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch
  10. [Experiences]
    aggregates several experience sites for these cities: Auckland | Christchurch | Dunedin | Hamilton NZ | Tauranga | Wellington
    aggregates experiences for most NZ cities
  12. [Experiences]
    get email reminders when your vouchers are due to expire

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  1. Have you tried
    They have lots of prizes you can win and do a referral program where you can earn free credit.

  2. DrGrab is the worst site I’ve EVER used. I placed an order in November 2016 and received half my order in Feb and the rest in April, which also came through broken.
    When i tried to have this sorted all they would do if offer a $10 voucher which was no where near the price i had paid.
    Highly recommend going anywhere else other than DrGrab

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