List of ALL the One Day Sale Websites in New Zealand

The purpose of this page is to list ALL of NZ's daily deal websites. Why? Because we're New Zealanders and we bloody love a good deal that's why. Thank you to all those who have added to the list so far. On average there is a new site added to this list every week! So if you spot a new one before we do, please tell us about it in the comments below.

26 Daily Deal Websites in 5 Categories:

5 HOT / 14 More / 4 Experiences / 2 Wine, Beer & Spirits / 2 Travel / 4 Shopping /
+ 12 Aggregators

5 HOT Daily Deal Websites

    [Nationwide | Auckland | Wellington]
  2. [Read Profile]
    [six deals at 12noon everyday]
    [New daily deals every day]
  4. [Electronics] [Read Profile]
    [three deals at 10am everyday]
    [many deals, every day]

MORE 1 Day Sale Websites [14]:

These Daily Deal websites have several deals each day. Peek at ALL of them
    [New daily deals every day]
  2. [Read Profile]
    [six deals at 12noon everyday]
    [seven deals at 12noon everyday]
    [three deals at 12noon everyday]
    [three new deals at 9am everyday]
    [six new deals at 10am everyday]
    [WhangareiAuckland | Hamilton | Bay of Plenty | Hawkes Bay |  Wellington | Christchurch | Dunedin + nationwide]
  8. [Electronics] [Read Profile]
    [three deals at 10am everyday]
  9. [Body Building Nutrition]
    [daily deals]
    [many deals, every day]
  11. [Outdoor and Leisure]
    [two deals everyday at 12noon]
    [three deals at 10am every day]
    [new deals at 12noon everyday]
    [several new deals at 12noon every day]

EXPERIENCES 1 Day Sale Websites [4]:

This list of Daily Deal websites focus on providing experiences in particular New Zealand cities. Peek at ALL of them
    Nationwide | Auckland | Wellington
    Auckland | Christchurch
    Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Rotorua-Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu-Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson-Marlborough, Christchurch, Dunedin-Invercargill, Queenstown-Wanaka
    Auckland | Waikato | Tauranga | Hawkes Bay | Wellington | Christchurch | Otago | Manawatu-Wanganui | Queenstown +4 more cities planned

WINE, BEER & SPIRITS 1 Day Sale Websites [2]:

These Daily Deal websites specialise in Wine, Beer & Spirits. Peek at ALL of them
  1. [Wine, Beer, Spirits]
    [One main deal, with a clearance sale also]
  2. [Wine, Cider, Spirits]
    [three new deals at midnight everynight]

TRAVEL Daily Deal Websites [2]:

These Daily Deal websites specialise in travel deals such as holidays, accommodation etc. Peek at ALL of them
  1. [Accommodation: Copthorne + Millenium]
    [accommodation just for Copthorne + Millenium hotels]
  2. [Flights]
    [cheap NZ domestic flights that sell out fast]

SHOPPING Websites with Daily Deals [4]:

These websites are not dedicated to Daily Deals. They are large e-commerce websites that sell many products but have a number on special for 24 hours at a time.
    [4 deals at a time]
  2. [Read Profile]
    [three new deals at 12noon every day]
    [Uncovers the best discounts from a large range of leading retailers, and brings them all together in the one place]
    [Interested in a Stand Desk? Check these out]

AGGREGATORS of 1 Day Sale Websites [12]:

These websites combine the deals of various Daily Deal websites all onto one page.
  1. [Products]
    A comprehensive NZ aggregator with clean layout
  2. [Products]
    Aggregates only 7 product daily deal websites which you can receive by email every day
  3. [Products + Experiences]
    The first website about NZ daily deals (Oct 2008). Confusing layout which lacks structure. Good quality articles which are well researched
  4. [Products & Experiences]
    Good layout, good graphics. No aggregating, just lists of links. Sadly, completely abandoned, with content that is 6 months out of date and no responses to comments
  5. [Products + Experiences]
    Layout ok. Aggregates deals of most daily deal sites on home page, but content is months out of date: newest daily deal sites haven't been added. Good iPhone App
    Just pages and pages of lists of hyperlinks and text-ads. Set up to rank well in the search engines and earn revenue from ads
    Layout confusing and hard to navigate. Paging is a nuisance. You can choose your city and see all experiences there which is clever
  8. [Products + Experiences]
    Uses identical code to GetFrank
  9. [Experiences]
    Aggregates all 10 of the "experiences" sites for Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch
  10. [Experiences]
    aggregates several experience sites for these cities: Auckland | Christchurch | Dunedin | Hamilton NZ | Tauranga | Wellington
    aggregates experiences for most NZ cities
  12. [Experiences]
    get email reminders when your vouchers are due to expire
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1,465 thoughts on “List of ALL the One Day Sale Websites in New Zealand

  1. hi can you tell me if there is a website for 1 day deals that have a random lucky dip section. I have heard there is a good site from a friend, thanks Rose

  2. the lucky dips come up randomly on both 1day and 3deals, you just have to wait for it.. and normally the deals aren’t that great

  3. Not really a Daily Deals site but I write all about the NZ Daily Deals sites. is a free information site for those interested in NZ’s daily deals websites. We feature numerous articles, news, reviews, videos and links on, Dealaday and the other new zealand daily deal websites! – Adrian

    • Yes Adrian, I know of your website (I like the new WordPress template by the way). Some interesting articles for fans who are really into the whole 1 day sale / 1-day-deal phenomenon.

    • Oooo exciting! Thanks for the link Kieran.

      “Coming soon”? Oh, darn, I hate waiting!

      Wow, that sure is a long registration form, I wonder why they want to know my physical address even before I’ve bought something?

  4. I see 6shooter are still trying to sell Freecom media players with an incorrect RRP. The RRP they use is for a unit with a usb harddrive – their unit doesn’t come with one. They already know – I emailed them about a month ago – they have decided to stick with the same lie on 3 or 4 more occasions since. Buyers beware the deceitfulness of one day ‘bargain’ sale sites.

  5. I dont understand why this has slammed 7.35pm I have bought a few things off there now, its a great site with good labels and very cheap postage compared to the other sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Me again! And I don’t find the site that bad, you do have to click to see the prices but they come up very quickly, it does take a short time to load at the start but honestly I think you have been a bit harsh with your comments, I find it totally worth checking out. The postage is really really cheap (as in it cost me $2 to send a tee shirt and $3 to send a fishing rod) some of those other sites are horrendously expensive for postage one tried to charge me $10 to send a small thing and even small items such as lipstick cost $5.50 to post???? Give 7.35pm a go, seriously its not that bad! Just my thoughts! Sorry!

    • No need to apologise Michellemac, thank you for your review!

      But I just can’t get over the fact that it took 45 seconds for the list of products to load. That is just too long.

  7. I thnk the above from Kiri is a good website and at the bottom they have another website lips it’s good but def not a 1day sale.

  8. Hi there, you know what would be really helpful – if you could put next to the sites the time that the deals roll. Is that possible? Thanks

    • Good suggestion Elizabeth! However, I can’t be bothered.

      But if you would like to do the research, then please email the times to me and I will update this page with them. Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi Sheldon

    Here we go….

    1 day – rolls at 12pm
    6 shooter rolls at 12pm
    Off the back rolls at 9am
    Deal a day rolls at 10am
    First in rolls at 10am
    3 Deals rolls at 12pm
    Mighty ape rolls at 10am
    Wine a day rolls at 9am
    Snatch a deal rolls at 11am
    1 day tshirts rolls at 12pm
    Today sale rolls at 11.30am
    Tshirt studio rolls at 12pm
    Ziwi rolls at 12pm


  10. alot of these websites seem to be done by the same people, dealaday had an draw to win a PS3 when they started up, and then they had lots of useless deals. i’ve noticed a few of the ‘coming soon’ sites are also having draws for a PS3 if you register. I don’t have high hopes for them.

  11. Ezydeals are awesome, I’ve already boguht a few things off this. I’d like to buy off 735pm or whatever it is but man that site pisses me off – so they dont get my business and get angry emails!

  12. Funny thing these one day sales sites, I compared the electronics goods for sale to pricespy and they are basically the same price. I would never impulse buy, now that I know the ‘deal’ that your getting isn’t really that great…

    • Interesting comment. There is of course the convenience of clicking to buy now, whereas with PriceSpy you have the hassle of comparing prices, choosing the best supplier, setting up an account, trusting that they won’t rip you off etc.

      Thanks for your input Nathan.

  13. had a look at dailyDO ( looks really cool! something like this is WAY overdue. cant wait til they have their first deals.. anyone know when? I couldnt see anywhere..

  14. I see whatyou mean with th fishing one – Grr I hate the graphics! Same with the 735pm one – I like the products but its such a hassle to purchase anything!

    • Thanks Kiri. NZSale doesn’t look like a “1 day deal” style of website though so I don’t think it belongs on the list. However, I’m curious, are you a member? What kind of products do they sell? Have you every got the $20 voucher for referring a friend who buys from them?

      • Hey Sheldon. I have just joined as a friend recommended. On the weekend they were giving away free Crocs. I have referred a friend but they wouldn’t have bought anything for me to get a voucher yet. They are sort of a 1 day site as they have 1 new brand deal each day but they stay for about 4 days till they get bumped off by the next new deal coming.

        • Interesting, thanks for that Kiri.

          It’s a shame non-members can’t see what’s going on in the website, but I guess they know that the key to this business is collecting email addresses, and doing it this way by locking out non-members adds to the “exclusivity” and “sense of belonging” and perhaps fosters loyalty because once you join, you are “in”.

    • Thanks Stephanie!

      I don’t see a countdown though. It looks like they are just using the phrase “Daily Deals” for what’s on special today. Not really a Daily Deal website then, so doesn’t belong on the list.

      What do you think?

  15. Firstin no longer seems to have a countdown and has not changed its deals in a while – don’t think the site deserves to be here!

    • Thanks for the update David. I think they are simply shutdown for the xmas/new year period. Reopening 11th of January. If the countdown doesn’t start then, I’ll take them off the list.

    • Wow, they just keep on coming… thanks Brad!

      I’ve heard a rumour that one “daily deal” company is serving the content for big websites like NZHerald and Yahoo. Notice how the links for Yahoo and NZHerald are identical?

      Would be a great contract, but margins must be tight.

  16. Bought off xtra’s daily deals website, and the reciept has the logo of “” on the top right, so I assume that is who runs xtra’s daily website, and probably NZ Heralds as well.

  17. Howdy. Anyone having trouble getting hold of snatchadeal? Contact number ((09) 478 5429) appears to be disconnected as of 12.21pm on 27/1/10.

  18. Hi, is a really nice daioly deals website. I think the design of it looks really good and they contribute sales to Charities which is pretty cool to.

    • Interesting, thanks AJ. So they sell “deeply-discounted jewellery” and watches. The items are changed if they sell out, or if they have been in place for 2 days. Today they have 2 charms for sale.

      Let’s keep an eye on them for now, and move them onto the official list if their items look interesting over the next week.

  19. we do one as well, we call it Hyper – Deals of day. Very targeted though, you have to be into what we sell. If you are there are some great deals!


  20. Great idea. It would be excellent if you could list the major deals on each website every day, and then we could just visit your site instead of all the different individual ones ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for letting us know Daniel. Much improved!

      I’m confused, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with daily deals anymore?

      Therefore I have completely taken it off the list for now.

  21. Hi Guys

    Just letting you all know as you have probably heard of the poor service from, but I will no longer be shopping with them again.

    Their service when there is an issue is terrible, the first major issue took numerous email and over 4 weeks for them to respond.

    Their deliveries are continually to the wrong address and I must say I have had to go searching for my item from nearby addresses on at least 8 occasions! (they are no help with this)

    The latest one was an issue with a faulty product, the order was delayed getting out, was lost and missorted by the couriers and finally delivered damaged and not working. What did 1-day do, ignored my emails (I had read reciepts) and removed my comments from their website.

    The finally got in touch with me (it only took 3 emails from me this time) and hopefully it will be sorted, but I am not holding my breath.

    The worst thing is that you are stuck with front line staff, there is no way to talk to a supervisor, manager or the such like, if you ask for this you are told that there is no need and that they will handle your problem, then ignore your emails for another week or so.

    You’ve lost another customer 1-day!

    • Allan,

      I feel for you, but it sounds like it’s more of an issue with the couriers, but you’re rightwould be nice if 1-day did have a customer help line that was responsive. What I have done in the past, is get the items sent to my local Dairy (if you are neighbourly with them). That way they can’t fcuk up! You’d hope.

      Like Sheldon said, their are 25 more from where that came from! Lets hope you have more success.

      • Some of it is a courier issue but if they would actually respond to emails instead of just reading them and ignoring them it would be nice.

        The latest news, they have recently sent me another invoice for goods I didn’t order, nor have I recieved. So now I’m still having problems even though I’m not using them!

        Oh and surprise surprise, they aren’t replying to my emails again.

    • Regarding the wrong postage, firstly I am assuming you are putting the correct address down and instructions for the courier to find the correct address and secondly, surely it is the courier at fault, not 1 day. I have never had any issues with them. I just find sometimes their courier fee is a bit high for certain items. Cheers

    • also don’t send out the “how are we doing” questionnaire if you complain.

      I don’t use them anymore either after buying heaps from them and then the first time I complained they tried to fob me off!.

    • Really? They were fantastic to me when I received a faulty product, I immediately got a refund. I didn’t need to send back the product, or provide proof of any kind, they just said “Whoops, sorry about that” and gave me store credit because I purchased it with a Prezzy Card.

    • You’ve got some bad luck there buddy! I ordered some glass containers and 1 arrived broken (courier issue I assume) and they happily replaced more than the one that broke, with fast delivery and response to emails….

  22. I think should be added to the list of ‘shopping websites with daily deals’. It’s not a true one day deal website.

  23. So anyone else notice that my favourite has just had two of the exact same deals from catchaday??? i’m quite dissapointed!!! :-$

  24. the camera was the duplication but even having a weather station on the day after was pretty dumb knowing that the weather station on catch a day didn’t sell out. I dunno just an observation…

    • I was TOTALLY impressed by the speed of delivery from the sale sight, plus an awesome price! Definatley a recommendation from me!

  25. I have been purchasing books from all month and found the staff and service excellent. Their special this month is really the free shipping regardless of how many books you buy!
    One of the other great things about them is they have the view if you can find it cheaper like say Fishpond or Mighty Ape they will either match it or better it which is fantastic!
    I always got an email telling me if the books were not currently in their warehouse and when I could expect them. Then I would gegt another email the day they shipped them out to me. All in all a really great service!

  26. Wow, what a helpful website this has been for me and my family – I have found a few bargins already so a big THANKS to those that have done the research and put together all the links for us folks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’ve just been on it and have saved it to my favourites. There were no deals for CHCH so that was a bummer, otherwise I would have grabbed some vouchers. You don’t have to pay anything until you go to the restaurant so that’s good. I don’t remember seeing if it was a daily deal type of thing though, hopefully it is, and hopefully there will be some specials for their CHCH restaurants!

  27. Hi there,
    Well thanks to my sister forwarding your web page to me I have now signed on with about another 5 one day sales web sites!!! LOL!!
    Have one that I have made a few purchases off and is not in your list as far as I can see….
    It’s a close second to for me!!
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. has anyone else noticed that nothing from 1-day deals are really bad.have bought quite alot of stuff from them and it is all dickies shorts were wrecked amongst everything else.dont buy from them it is a ripoff

    • yup bort $50 digi frame – a present for in-laws for xmas and it was faulty. didnt no til they tryed it for fort time which was embaracing… bort them a new ones else-where coz i new itd take ages to be sent back.

  29. Loveonedaysales is great! Ultimate one stop shopping. However, some of the freight charges of the individual suppliers are a bit steep and have stopped me buying several times.

    • Yea, I’ve seen huge freight prices on TradeMe for small items sometimes too that have stopped me buying. It can make a big difference to the overall cost.

      Thanks for your support Angela.

  30. I had a bad experience with snatchadeal, and I WILL NO LONGER SHOP at!!

    Please, be aware they are selling FAKE ITEMS!!

    I ordered a “PedEgg” from their website, but instead I received a FAKE CHINESE KNOCKOFF called “Foot Egg”.
    ( )

    The photo shows the original “PedEgg” and the item is described as:
    “The ORIGINAL PedEggยฎ is the revolutionary foot file that you’ve SEEN NATIONALLY ADVERTISED ON TV. Itโ€™s the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with NO MESS!
    The secret is PedEggยฎโ€™s precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves. ” …..blah blah blah

    I received the product in a few days (no complaint about shipping), however it is NOT the Original “PedEgg” as advertised. It looks almost identical, but called “FOOT EGG” and instead of the “As Seen On Tv” logo, there is a very similar logo saying “SIMILAR TO AS SEEN ON TV”.

    You might think, I should have expected it because it was much cheaper than retail price, but they added, “Please note: This item is brand new but the packaging is slightly damaged” (which made the price totally believable to me)

    I sent an email to them, explained the problem, the differences between the product on the website and the one I received. I even asked if there was a mistake and they accidentally sent the wrong product. (giving them the benefit of the doubt)

    Here is the reply: (by the way, I find it pretty disturbing)
    “We sent you 1 x The Ultimate Foot File 2 Pack as per the order from you. Which is what was sent to you.
    If you would like to return the Foot files for refund, please return to the address below;”

    To be honest, I don’t think returning the product would solve anything, I just want them to stop misleading customers and stop taking them for fool!

  31. is Awesome!
    I have ordered many items without problems.

    The only downside is the 7 – 21 days delivery, but still worth it!

    • NZSale just sold a whole bunch of fake Ugg boots. We got a couple of pairs and they’re not leather, fake wool and a rip-off of the real thing. Two days after our request for a full refund we’ve had no reply.

      Very slow delivery. times. Normally around 3 weeks wait. Slow customer service and no way to phone them.

  32. Bought a laptop from …. I was pleasantly suprised with their service as I got a call very next morning informing me that they received the payment for my order and also that they have shipped it already ! I liked that !

    Love the site and the deals….

    Well done Sheldon too..Good job… the page with all one day deals on one…

  33. I would definitely NOT recommend 3daydeals, they sent me crap worth a couple of pounds on Amazon on the $12.99 licky dip, not very nice customer service either, avoid

  34. I’m finding that SnatchaDeal seem to suffer with a lot of packing errors. However, to their credit, when a problem is identified, they are great at sorting the issue out.

  35. First in might have good deals once in a while, but it sure takes long for the product to arrive. Ordered books from amazon which managed to arrive earlier then the laptop bag from First in. Considering Amazon ships from the States….

    • Interesting Tyrone.

      It’s possible FirstIn’s business model is “drop shipping” where they hold as little inventory in stock as possible and only order in what they sell – that would certainly delay the process.

      From their perspective there is no wastage, but from our perspective, the customers, we expect delivery within 24 to 48 hours and it’s annoying when we don’t get it.

  36. I ordered a portable DVD player from First In last week, (21st April), and it was not until I made enquiries yesterday, (29th), as to where it may be that they actually shipped it out and according to the track and trace it was processed today,(30th). Pretty slack I reckon since the money went from my account the day that I ordered it.

    • Also had problems with First In. Ordered one product and it wasn’t until we rang and chased a week later the order was ‘found’ and processed. As with Julia the money had gone from our account on the date of order. Upon chasing again a few days later we were informed that the products were held up at customs but would be received and despatched the next day. Product finally delivered over 2 weeks after ordering. Not particularly impressive.

  37. Yes, Firstin is SLOW!! Don’t forget though….if you are purchasing using your credit card you have absolute right to chargeback the transaction if you don’t get what you paid for…..a few chargebacks (which will cost them dearly) will make them tidy up their act

  38. I’ve bought a few things from First In and they’re generally fairly prompt. I had a bit of a delay with my last order, but at least I could ring them and get an ETA. I’m interested in electronics so it’s definitely my favourite of all of the one day sites out there.

    My biggest gripe with most of the one day sites is the fact I can’t get hold of a real person. I had a problem with 1-day and no-one replied to my emails for over a week. After that experience, I only use sites that have a phone number listed.

    • Hi John, apologies for not getting your order out quickly. And yes you can always give us a ring on 095222 944 if you have any questions, our call centre is manned weekdays 9.00am-4.oopm.

      Cheers, Matthew

      • Thanks Matthew – good on you for coming on here to talk to your customers. Best of luck with the site.

  39. Still havn’t recieved my purchace from First-in, have sent them an email inquiring still waiting for a responce. This is not the first problem i have had with these guys. My first purchace was doubled and i was charged for two items, even though the invoice stated one. When conntacted they were very prompt with a responce and said they would refund me the money. It never happened and i recieved the doubled product in the mail. I have no use for this second item, hence only having bought the ONE. So if anyone wants a 7 port usb hub?
    I really hope First-In sort their s**t out.

    • Hi Julia, your DVD Player was returned here yesterday as “undeliverable” by Courier Post. I will email you the details, and if you can get in touch with us we can reconfirm delivery details.

      Cheers, Matthew

  40. Just decided to pickup the Mini Key Ring Digital Frame from Firstin. Set up an account, and preceded through checkout, and everything was working fine, until after they processed my Credit Card (which has been charged), and then the Checkout craps out and throws up an error page. Now under my orders they don’t have anything yet they have charged my credit card.

    Have sent them an email, and awaiting reply. Am hoping it doesn’t take too long though, as I was going to use it as part of a mothers day gift. (which it was advertised that it would be out in time on the website).

    • Hey Daniel,
      If they haven’t processed your order that could work out in your favour as you can get the picture keyrings from Dick Smiths for $9.99

      • Hi admnz, we are pretty confident that feature wise, you won’t be able to find a better deal on a Keyring Digital Photoframe than what we have on today. It holds upto 100 photos, (2Mb memory) and includes a convenient stand.

        Cheers, Matthew

        • True Matthew, it is a different model and holds less photo’s and has no stand.
          I must say that firstin does have the best amount of information supplied for their products and a range of products I enjoy browsing nearly every day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Daniel, our customer service team has confirmed your order, and you should now have the order confirmation and invoice. The courier Tracking number will be with you in the next hour.

      Cheers, Matthew

      • Yep. And recieved it this morning. Very happy with First-In’s customer service. A Grade. Prompt, Friendly, and sorted the problem straight out.

        You will have a repeat customer in me.

  41. Well, Yahoo Shopping may not be a bona fide “One Day” shopping site – but their service sure is amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve just been speaking to Monica there on the 0800 number that’s provided whenever you click on “ask a question” under any product, and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement. I’ve been looking for a wall mountable convection heater for my 5yo severely autistic son for quite some time and Monica has personally contacted the supplier with my questions to help ensure the one I’m looking at is the one to meet my needs. Thumbs up to Monica!!

  42. On one occasion (3 months ago) snatchadeal had randomly changed one of it’s deals after one had sold out (which was contradictory to what they stated on their support page), the new product was something I was interested in but by the time I saw it was already sold out. I emailed my displeasure and later that afternoon I was called by the manager of the company who apologised and said he would inform me if he found another.

    2 weeks later not hearing anything more from them the same product was on again. Unfortunately for them I had already purchased something similar for the same price (but cheaper shipping) from another daily deal site.

  43. thought i’d change the channel on here and talk about my AMAZING deal from…
    I bought (on the same day)
    a charcoal smoker and an amazing bullet/blender
    both for under $100 and at retail, collectively woulve cost me well over 300!
    and they arrived 2 days later…

  44. Why has the icon for your website in my favourites list changed from a red heart to be the same as the trademe icon (the blue kiwi)? Any ideas? Only changed over the weekend….

  45. Just received an e-mail, 5 days after purchasing cd set for daughter, saying they didn’t have enough stock. Ok apparently I am getting a refund, but why did it take 5 days before any contact was made. I have one very sad 5year old who had worked very hard for her reward.

  46. I’ve ordered with Ziwi and Mighty Ape a couple of times from each now, and have to say, i cannot fault them! Their service is fast and their specials are great. I did buy a USB car charger off Off The Back, and it only worked once and a month later when I go to use it again, it doesnt work anymore…grrrrrr…….frustrating! I have emailed them about 10 minutes ago, lets see what happens…..

  47. I definitely do not recommend purchasing anything from I purchased perfume from them on the 5th of may and paid by credit card instantly. After waiting for nearly two weeks I tried to contact them, no phone numbers are listed on the website to call and the address is not in auckland so I had to submit am email inquiry. After sending TWO emails to the website I received an email back telling me they made a mistake and did not have the perfume I bought in stock and would have to order it in for me. They offered free samples which was good however they could not tell me when I would receive the order. Now I have been waiting three weeks and have emailed them again to see where the heck my order is. Not good service and definitely do not recommend them to other customers!!!

      • So for posting my experience with fragrancex online on your forum I have received the following email. This is the first time I have ever complained about anything, and I was happy to wait once I was notified of the mistake however when I asked WHEN I would receive the order the answer was SOON. Then emailed again over the last couple days to ask where it is and haven’t had any contact until I posted this online this morning, now they are very efficient in telling me my order is canceled.
        Good Service?…

        Hi “Steph”.

        As explained in the last email sent which I just read over I explained what had happened with this fragrance. I also admitted we made a mistake and had the incorrect fragrance and were sending you a new one with some samples as our way of putting things right.

        In 8 years I have never met someone like you online, we are doing our best to give exceptional products and service and like every business, we get it wrong. We have been honest and responded in a professional manner, until now.

        We do not want your business, we have reversed the charge to your credit card and suggest buying elsewhere. You responded to us saying you were happy to wait, then sent emails after that which we were about to respond to once we had an update to give you.

        I am the owner and have worked really hard to build this business up and will not stand by and listen to such tripe in such a public forum, thats not really fair especially when the public do not get the full story which I noticed you failed to explain. We are not Telecom…we respond to all emails, all feedback and ideas, Your comments are deluded and completely irrational and in future I suggest you think twice before shooting your mouth off please.

        Dave @ Escentual

        • Hi Dave [],
          I have found this website, in the hope that you will reply to me.
          I ordered 2 fragrances on Thursday 17th June.
          The total I have paid by credit card is nearly $300.00
          I paid for premium shipping, meant to be delivered within 4 days.
          It has now been 11 days, and no update.
          I am still waiting for any information as to where my order is.
          I don’t mind if there is a delay, but no one has replied to the two emails I have sent.
          I do expect that the goods arrive on time if there is an option to pay more for this service.
          Please urgently advise.
          My order number is 958.
          Rgds, Lisa.

      • We have emailed Steph on more than 3 occasions and we admitted that Yes we did stuff up and that we would have to restock this item, To compensate her for the additional delay we were happy to throw in some goodies.., she emailed that would be fine..hmmm… yes she did order on the 5th and pay immediately, as do all customers. It has been a week since our last update …not 3 weeks… and the order was to be dispatched today…we have decided now the best thing we can do for customers like Steph is to refund her, which we have done

        • Hmmm, after reading both sides, regardless of how tricky a customer Steph was, my mind would be made up had I ever been considering a purchase from this website. And that’s from someone who has had no dealings with either party. No company, however big or small, should respond to a customer in this fashion. Your customers are your best asset. And I’m not actually sure that cancelling a transaction just because you don’t like the person’s attitude is actually legit. I’m no consumer expert but I think the cunsumer groups would have a field day…. Just my 10c worth.

          • I totally agree with Judith, the reponse which Steph has receieved is totally out of line and surely Dave would have realised that Steph will pass his response on to other people.
            Regardless of who is is the right or wrong as the owner of the company Dave should communicate in a professional manner and lowering the whole tone of his company.
            I can assure you that I have no opinion either way as to who is in the right or wrong but I do know that out of principal I would not ever purchase from Daves company.
            I could suggest a customer services course I attended many years ago called “Complaint is a gift” run by TMA would be an investment for Dave.

  48. Is anyone else having trouble getting 1-day to contact them? I sent a ticket last Thursday about an item I purchased from them which I discovered is faulty. I have had no reply and their live chat is never online! Any ideas anyone?

      • Good luck, I am still waiting for a reply to the problem with my March order (put through on the 5th), emailed them over and over again including 2 contact phone numbers as well as my email address… I gave up at the end of March and got the charge on my credit card reversed. Shame on them.

        • I made contact with 1-day today about a faulty item I had received and had had trouble getting sorted out (during their systems issues this past couple of weeks). Got someone on live chat and although it was slow going and I had to jog them along a bit, I got resolution in the end. It’s definitely not the best service when you have to chase the company, but to their credit they have acknowledged the issues they’ve been having and it does seem that they’re not trying to dodge their customers. I’ve always found them pretty reasonable when you come up against issues – their systems just seem to let them down all too frequently.

  49. Catch of the Day.

    Wow, how wonderful it is to deal with a proactive company who actually care about customer service !

    I purchased an item from them over the weekend $14.95+shipping, all good.
    Anyway, I received an email from them this afternoon saying that the price quoted was incorrect, it should have been $9.95+shipping so they are going to refund the $5 back onto my credit card !

    I had no idea that the price had been amended later in the day and I think its great that they actually made contact to tell me (they even apologised!)

    Well done Catch of the Day, you get my vote for going above and beyond with your customer service :0)

  50. Whoah Steph! That is pretty unprofessional. Why not take the proactive approach like other sites have done on here when they have seen issues posted by customers. Everyone gets things wrong from time to time, but if a reasonable effort to set things right (with appropriate follow-through, of course!) is made, you cannot really complain.

    Further to Sheldon’s article and some comments of mine, I refuse to deal with any company online that does not provide a phone number for exactly the issues people have had here.

  51. were awesome. Bought something last Wednesday online, paid straight away with VISA, Arrived the next day but my flatmate missed the courier.

    The best thing was the sent me an email with the tracking details to track the package and when i saw the courier was missed i was able re order delivery online for the following day with no extra charge. Talk about convenience!

    Great system! Would definitely purchase from them again! A++


  52. Love finding new sites and has the best bargains around and where I now buy all my presents for the whole family. Never boring as hundreds of new products are added each week. Last purchase was a geo heater at 40% off and oshkosh shoes for $20. Give it a whirl, you won’t be dissapointed.

  53. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks to MightyApe for the great deal on the Moxie dolls. My daughters birthday is tomorrow, and I ordered it Wednesday. It arrived this morning and we are rural delivery.

    Great service!

  54. I bought a crazy sales item and from dunedin to mid north island, they packaged it off and it arrived the very next day.
    mighty impressed!

  55. Very impressed with Mighty Apes service, ordered three items off their marathon sale day yesterday, and received them all on my doorstep this morning, pretty good service for what must have been a busy busy day for them yesterday!

  56. has just listed iPads!
    I’d rather buy one from them than all the other dodgy shops parallel importing them. Comes with their own guarantee etc.

  57. It looks like Trade Me’s daily deals are starting tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to watch it’s progression I think.

  58. BEWARE SIXSHOOTER!! – I ordered 1 product & I was charged twice!! – have tried to get hold of them – got 1 meazly e-mail back ….no sorry bout that NOTHING ……I am still waiting for a refund of my money…….not a very good service …..check your statements folks

  59. 1-day is shit. I tried to buy an offer there, put my card details in but the cart crapped out on me.

    Groupy and Grabone are photocopies of each other. I’ve bought on Groupy – nice and smooth. I tried to buy one Grabone and the cart lets you choose two but after entering the your card details bounces you out to say you can only buy one – dumb!

  60. You are NZ oriented, hence I love and trust this site. But lately I have seen you have started advertising “BIDRIVALS” also others I dont mind. But this websiet is a ripoff and untrust worthy.
    Lately I and 7 other friends of mine have had a bitter expirience..
    All I would suggest is watch for what you advertise too. I understand you are paid by them too for the advt..
    But supporting the wrong thing, not our NZ style..
    Check for their reviews before you plunge into..
    In good faith..

  61. I have purchased 2 movie tickets [from] for $15 on thursday it says they will send an email once the amount has reached that it needs to for the deal to work. It reached that and sold out. It is now Sunday and my credit cards been charged have contacted them twice. no email with my movie ticket and no response….nebody else having the same problem? How long do I have to wait?

    • YES! I had the same problem, emailed twice with no reply. There is an 0800 number you can ring (it’s on their website), when you speak to them they will explain that if you click on the MY STUFF tab you can print your vouchers from there.
      Hope that helps.

  62. Hi Sheldon

    After attempting to close the “All todays deals” webpage it attempts to open.. thousands of explorer windows on my desktop, this has happened for multiple days now. Is anyone else haveing this issue and are you aware of it?
    Kind Regards

  63. loving the sales on catchoftheday! im a first time looker on the 1 day sales websites and so far loving them ….thanks!

  64. Love cool interface… is great – cool,simple impressive….

    but I am not likin too many google ads on your home page. Need a bit of tidy up mate….

    Great effort though…one place for all one day sites


  65. Hi Sheldon,
    still loving the website, have told everyone at work about it and now it’s a daily ritual, get to work, check the morning deals, come back from lunch, check the afternoon deals. Talk about the best deal, do some work.
    Keep up the fantastic work

  66. Hi,

    I don’t know if it was on of the sites that I have used from this page (which is many) or another site from which I have purchased, but I have had Westpac (bless them!) put a hold on my credit card for a bogus transaction with the merchant Air Hungary ($883). I was wrapt that the bank stopped this, but the only way my card details have been hacked into was obviously online shopping.

    Just a warning (and no more online for me…. at least not until I get my new card in the mail!!!)

    • Hi Gary,
      Think before you speak. The 320GB Western Digital Hard Drive offered on Top-10 site is from ELEMENT PORTABLE range and more over is 2.5″ not 3.5″. Therefore it does not require external power supply. More over its top of the range as its faster, better USB transfer rate and RPMS. IS THAT CLEAR?


  67. OK, my mistake.

    How about the Belkin USB wall charger? It’s $5 cheaper here.

    Or the CA Internet Security suite, at $20/license? That’s saving almost $20.

    Or the Samsung blu-ray reader? $40

    Or the Asus external DVD writer?$15

    Or the blueant supertooth 3 handfree kit? $10

    The whole idea of a deal site is to have _bargains_ that can’t be found elsewhere. Your prices are by no means uncompetitive, but they’re not great either. I just feel as though your customers are being misled. Perhaps I’m missing something.

  68. Hi Gary,

    It depends how you view it but tries and differentiates itself from its competitions, in following ways,

    1) $5 Flat Rate Shipping Nation Wide
    2) No Surcharge for Credit Card Purchase
    3) One of the most secured Credit Card Checkout process/gateway around, provided by ANZ Bank (called ANZ eGate)
    4) Mostly paperless
    5) 100 % NZ established,Owned and operated
    6) Some of most finest & trusted brands and their products on deals everyday
    7) No junk ads on site, clean, simple web interface and very very secure checkout process
    8) Uses the finest e-commerce technology platform around today
    9) Clearly visibility of prices as everything is shown inclusive of GST so that there is no surprise at
    the end of checkout process
    10) and last but not the least, we are THE TOP-10 of NZ,

    ….and a few more features coming soon………
    1) Wider range of payment methods
    2) Even better product range
    3) and launching soon…top-10 mobiles, top-10 laptops, ..and… top-10 motors


  69. Im sooo glad you put this list of daily deals all on one page!
    Loving the website, much easier than googling
    I noticed that the link for is not working. Its saying forbidden, blah blah blah.
    Have they blocked your website or something? Has anyone else had problems with this?

  70. hey um, is anyone else having problems with with paying with credit card when ever i try to checkout i just get a big error.

  71. Hi Sheldon,

    The new voting system seems broken on Firefox. When you get a chance, it’d be great to have it up and running!


  72. You should make you website more usually friendly and easier to use.

    if you need someone to do some testing also, give me a yell, happy to offer my services

  73. Changed the order of the categories around today (moved the “Experiences” section higher).

    Old order: Top >> T-shirts >> Wine >> Experiences >> Shopping

    New order: Top >> Experiences >> T-shirts >> Wine >> Shopping

  74. Do not use – i paid for a game 3 weeks ago – have received nothing!!!!!!!!!
    I have emailed this company 4 times ……….. And have still not received a reply

    very very irritating they have effectively stolen my money!!!!!!

    • Hi Rachel,

      Apologies for all the inconvenience caused. We have not received a single email from you in past.

      We are investigating this further as we have orders in you name but they all have unpaid status. We have also checked our online credit card statement and your payments have shown as not paid.

      We have sent you an email, can you please reply to it and we will call you to resolve this issue ASAP.

      Thanks for your patience.

      Kind regards,

    • Thanks Sheldon, Dinesh has contacted me, I had paid by direct credit – I still have no idea why they didn’t receive my emails sent through their website….but all OK now Dinesh has come up good.

      Thank you for your help

    • Thanks Sheldon for passing us this information.

      As mentioned we are not sure why the emails from Rachel did not come through to us. But all good now…. we have processed a refund and have also offered to send Rachel the game without any charges.

  75. Just wanted to mention, I’ve had really great experiences with dealaday. And really wanted to recommend a fuel saver magnet they sold a few weeks back. My fuel bill which has been fairly static for about two years is actually less. I was spectacle if the product would work, but glad we brought it. Arrived the following day. Thanks!

    • Amit,

      Can you give me more details of this Fuel Saver Magnet – brand/where I might be able to buy it from?

      Curious to try it out – the ‘scam-alert’ websites say ‘avoid avoid’ – interesting to hear you have had a different experience?

      • I actually got it from -> I to read those websites then did some youtube searching to understand the science behind it. Sorry can’t remeber the brand name, threw away the packaging in the recycling. However the magnets need to be very strong for the device to work.

        • Haha, that’s a total scam sorry, it doesn’t work, there is no way a really strong magnet would affect fuel particles or the flow of fuel, sorry but it’s just a placebo effect as said above…you are probably noticing decreased fuel consumption due to the increase in fuel in your tank due to the weather

          I think selling those fuel magnets is actually banned in NZ through the ComCom, so not sure if they should be selling that

  76. Firstly – Sheldon – great site!!

    I brought a couple of BB guns for the boys off 1day a while ago.
    One didn’t work, have emailed 2 times and tried to call but with all no reply.

    Gave up in the end as we’re busy and they’re only $29 each but still, bad service – and it’s not the first time it’s happened! Grrr no excuse

    • Good luck with getting a response from them, and if you get a response a complete one, I ended up getting the bank to reverse the credit card charges.
      Wonder if I can start charging 1-day for storage of their product still sitting here since March….

      • yes im really unimpressed with 1 day i brought a video ccamera off them its been three weeks since its been returned i have to contact them everyweek to find where im at with it, not one person has apoligised that it was crap and they are still assessing it to see whos fault it is, like i actually paid $140 for it im actually sure i wanted it to work didnt just not make it go on purpose just so i could have it replaced!!

  77. I brought a remote control helicopter off 6shooter on the 6th of August and still havn’t received it yet. I have emailed them and called them and they seem to be trying to avoid contacting me or replying to me. I recommend not using that website if you want your item within the 3 days they claim it takes to send it.
    Not a happy customer.

  78. Great site, especially like the multi deals page

    However, not liking the link, all it seems to do is show ?s
    Then you have to click then ? to show the deals which have no prices.

    All the click seems to do is reload the adverts, giving the person who’s site it is money for nothing. Pointless site having no prices and advert everywhre now, should be removed

    • we purchased what we thought was 1x silicone case [from [] for a forth generation ipod nano but what we received was 3x silicone cases for a 2nd generation ipod nano (the screen is smaller) and it doesn’t fit our one (would’ve been a great bonus otherwise). Although they were cheap as ($1 + postage) the product wasn’t what we were wanting. Will never deal with them again.

      • Hi Melanie, we had no idea. Had you emailed it we would have offered you a refund right away. If you would please contact us, we be happy to sort it out. Thanks

        • I have contacted (which I should’ve done first – for this I apologize) and they have sorted out the issue for me, with great appreciation. While the silicon cases were for the wrong ipod, the cases themselves were of excellent quality.

  79. Hi Desmond, Thanks for the valued feedback. We use a third party system to develop our website. We’ve taken your feedback on board and made some changes. The prices are displayed below the products now and we will keep working to make things better where we can & as soon as possible. Thanks ITD Team ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. I ordered a alcohol breathalizer a few weeks ago. This item was fautly. I have contacted Catch of the day via their website 3 timees already and have had no reply at all. Once they get their money they dont want to know you. Be careful when buying off Catch of The Day.

  81. Just in case your having trouble seeing the site make sure your using the desktop site. Go to the bottom of the page and click “Switch to our desktop site”

  82. I ordered the pen, watch and wallet set for my partners birthday off catch of the day and when it came it had no pen! It wouldn’t have been a major issue but there was a specific part of the box where the pen belonged at it was blatantly empty!!! I can’t gift it like that. I contacted Catch of the day on Saturday… No reply… sent another email to them yesterday… STILL no reply. They can’t just advertise things and not put them in the order. That is false advertising and I’m really not impressed with them!!!

  83. I saw the special on monsoon poon, description is unclear regarding cocktails. How many is the special good for? 2 i presume?

  84. Hi, I bought a t-shirt of 3 Day deals website. I think the size I chose is a bit too big for me. Any ideas on how I can get the right size for myself. Its the first time I have actually bought something off this website or any deals website for the matter. Thanks and any help would be appreciated.

    • All Daily Deal websites have a method for returning items. Just hunt around on their website (normally the “contact us” page). If you need more help tell me exactly which Daily Deal website you purchased the T-shirt from.

  85. I purchased a product from just last week.

    I had a pretty unique delivery request, so i emailed the crew at deal a day and hit them up about my request, They were awesome they responded really quickly and sorted me out, I was well impressed.

    This was top of the line service, something i have not seen in a long time, Big shout out to for their wicked service , it’s good to find a website that has a personal touch and a face behind the pages, Nice Work Team. Especially Melanie who put in some hard yards, you rock !

    These guys & girls need a gold smiley face sticker or a scratchy one with the crazy smells.

    Top of the class. Cheers

  86. NEVER AGAIN! Item ordered, paid for, it arrived damaged. It wasnt even packaged properly, placed inside paper! I advised I Love Deals of the damage, they said they would send another out to me. I had to email them back a week later to ask what was going on, they said they needed the damaged items back before sending out new ones. Waited for them to send me delivery address, 3 days later emailed again, this time they said they had sent me a courier ticket, I advised I hadnt gotten it, they asked for my address again, then they sent the ticket to the address they had sent my item to not to the address I had just given them.
    Item was sent back and since then – 2 weeks now, have had no reply from them about new items, no reply from them regarding a refund, no reply AT ALL.
    Have sent many, many, many emails from 3 different email address’. Have joined their facebook page and wrote comments there, but still nothing.

    • Sarah, i know how you feel – i recently received an item from I Love Deals, which when received was damaged & tattered… not in a sellable condition at all. Emailed a complaint through to them, to which they promptly replied advising they’ll arrange replacement goods as soon as possible. 2 weeks later, i’m yet to receive any replacement goods or a response to my latest email asking where the goods are. i DO NOT recommend trading with these people at all; poor levels of service & product quality are not impressive… the website’s called ‘I Love Deals’ – not ‘I Love Getting Ripped Off’. Sort it out guys!

      • Did you have to let on about nzsale? I have been dealing from them for 12 months now, and they have some blooming good deals, and quality product. Only warning though, and although they do state it, don’t buy if you want it in a hurry. It takes 3 weeks or slightly more for you to get your product.
        However, so far the product has been 99% worth the wait.

  87. i brought a handbag of 6shooter a couple months ago only to be emailed back a day later, saying they have sold out and that they could send a similar handbag out or refund my money, i declined the handbag and asked for my refund and numerous emails and months later still nothing!

  88. Hi Sheldon,
    I love your website but i think it needs more corporate buy in. Wouldn’t it be awesome if companies elected to give a donation to the charity of the day every time their “deal” sold out? Or they could donate monthly prizes for a random draw of every one who donated to encourage more people to donate. Also – i really like the idea of paying things forward – if we all thought ‘hey i got an awesome deal and it just saved me like $50 bucks – i’ll make a $1, $5 donation to the daily charity- anyway maybe you could make a more catchy direct link from this site through to daily charity using that kind of idea.
    just some thoughts
    i reckon your site is totally helping all these businesses get custom so they should do their bit too –
    loved that comment about you being the sheriff – you totally are!

  89. [] I’m a great fan of the mystery prizes and am generally happy whatever I get, even if it’s not something I’d ever use or want. But I think sending a 2010 calendar in the middle of September is just wrong! It’s worthless.

  90. I have experienced ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE from 1-DAYOUT. We purchased a facial / massage voucher. Unfortunately, we are in Christchurch and after the quake the business is without premise. It will not be re-opening. They said to contact 1 oneday out for a refund as they hold the money. After sending four emails (the only means of contact) I am yet to receive a reply. So I’m both out of pocket and appalled at the lousy ‘service.’ I’d recommend EXTREME CAUTION if you’re thinking of dealing with 1- DAYOUT.

      • The T and D don’t cover this scenario, aside from saying that they will abide by the relevant legislation (which of course they have to anyway!) They are pretty generic and apply more to the purchase of goods rather than services. It’s their failure to acknowledge correspondence that is most irksome.

          • Wow, you work gonzo hours! Thanks for your replies. I rang the bank that issued my credit card, to ask for a “charge back” but they said I needed to complete a Notification of Disputed Transaction form and they would pursue the matter. Do you know if this is a pre-requisite to a charge back?

          • Hey, good news. 1 Day out have found an alternative provider to redeem the vouchers. They still don’t reply to emails…but I guess actions speak louder than words! Thanks for your support!

  91. VERY DISAPOINTED WITH CATCH OF THE DAY!!!! Two and a half almost three months on and countless emails (only one of which I have had a reply from – Only because of you Sheldon) and I am still waiting for them to send me the missing parts of my order!!!

    • I think you’ve given them enough chances Nicole. How about doing a “Credit Card Charge Back”? Here’s the guide to Credit Card Charge-backs written by Consumer Magazine.

      Actually, you might have only 2 months to apply for one…

      Has anyone done a chargeback before? Is it easy or a pain?

      Back to your issue Nicole, I’ve noticed that most of these Daily Deal sites sell items until they sell out, therefore there are seldom any spares that can be sent out to replace faulty products. It might be time you let this one go and got a refund?

      • I had to complete a charge back from Snatch a Deal just after Christmas. It was only a $12 purchase and it was a bit of a hassle, but it was more around the principle than the money.

        You have to contact your bank, collate any evidence you have of communication, and then send it into them for review. I believe that they then contact the Merchant directly for a review of the situation.

        In my case, Snatch a Deal never responded to the bank, so I eventually got my money back around a month later. But as they say, better late than never!

  92. Hello,
    I bought something off on the 10th of September and after a week I sent a email asking where the product was, they informed me that it was “out of stock” with their suppliers and would be shipped within 2 days after 4 more days I again sent a email asking if it had been shipped to which they replied that they were outside their trading conditions and would issue me a credit, So I emailed back saying yes that would be great and could they let me know when it would be done to which I have had not had done yet another 4 days later, To make matters worse half way through this dispute the had the same product on their website for another 1 day sale.
    I hope no one ordered them that day .
    I would not at all recomend this site

      • I bought something from First In last week that was delayed (a Roll-up Piano for my nephew), but have to say I found their customer services person (Pip) to be helpful.

        As mentioned by a few people here, being ignored is the worst thing. I understand that sometimes things happen, so I generally don’t mind too much as long as they communicate. I’ve had the 10-to-1 email reply ratio from 1-day – very annoying!

        Hope it works out for you Dean.

    • Hi Dean,

      We realise you haven’t had the greatest experience with First In, so we do apologise sincerely for that. We don’t wish to offer an excuse for what happened, rather we offer the following explanation.
      Because the goods were delayed in arriving in our warehouse we offered all customers the choice of waiting or receiving a refund. Because some customers chose the option of a refund we had extra stock when it did arrive in, hence the reason it was for sale again.
      We always give our customers an option of waiting or money back when goods are delayed, because it usually provides a satisfactory solution for people.
      It seems the comunication on our part was not adequate in this situation and it is certainly something that we always work on improving, as communication is definitely the key to good service.


    • Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.
      We always do our very best to make sure our listings are accurate and convey the product as realisticly as possible. Sometimes it can be tricky buying products online, and we are currently working on incorporating more video on our site so that customers can have a more personal shopping experience. Keep an eye out for our very own First In videos in the coming weeks.


  93. All the doom and gloom story heres a big congratulations to Day Sale who delivered my goods within 24 hours! That has to be a record for anything I have ordered!

  94. Time for some positive comments I think! I have bought several products from 1-day, dailydo, grabone etc and all products have arrived within 3 days in perfect condition. I think these sites do a great job! ๐Ÿ˜€ Chloe

  95. brought the akai mp3 player and speakers from 3deals website for a present in august
    said they had excellent souned qualtiy
    birthday in september, she has tried them out and the sound quality is useless!!!!
    no answer from 3 deals…. and they were not cheap 79.99
    wheres the gurantee or returns policy that u would get if buying from a store
    think this real stink and now she has a dud present!!!!
    any advice on what to do now?????


  96. Hi all

    Buyer Beware, I purchase a number of watches from crazy sales, as I bought them for personal use and only wear one at a time, I did not notice till a couple of months after the purchase, the one watch does not keep time and the other continually resets, I was lucky I tried the second one after the other was not keeping time and almost got me in trouble. Having contacted the dealer the response was, โ€œJust to remind you that our warranty only covers within 7 days of purchase which in your case it has already expired.
    Please try to change battery for themโ€, the site claims 18 months of battery life nothing saying it will not work from the moment you use it. I feel this is unfair as a watch is supposed to keep time and quote as I did to the dealerโ€ฆ.

    “Guarantees for goods
    This means goods must be: fit for their normal purpose, safe, durable – last for a reasonable time, have no minor defects or acceptable in look and finish.
    Goods must be of acceptable quality
    This means goods must be:
    fit for their normal purpose
    durable – last for a reasonable time
    have no minor defects
    acceptable in look and finish.
    When deciding whether goods are of acceptable quality, the test is whether a reasonable person would find the goods acceptable taking into account the nature of the goods, the price paid, any information on the goods or the package, anything said by the manufacturer or seller about the goods.
    Goods must be fit for a particular purpose
    When you tell a seller what you want the goods to be able to do and you are relying on their knowledge, the seller should provide goods that do what you want.
    Fitness for particular purpose is different from fit for normal purpose which is covered under the guarantee of acceptable quality. A particular purpose is one that is in addition to the normal purpose people use the goods for. For example, the normal purpose of a heater is to heat a room, but you may specify that you want a heater that is powerful enough to heat a large room.
    If a seller or a manufacturer makes a statement about what a product will do, but it turns out that the product will not do that job, you may have a claim.
    Of course, there may be situations where it would not be reasonable to rely on a discussion with the seller, for example if that person is a checkout operator who may not know enough about the goods.”

    A watch that does not keep time seems like goods that are not โ€œfit for their normal purpose, safe, durable – last for a reasonable time, have no minor defects or acceptable in look and finishโ€


    • Hi Silent Tiger,

      Apologies for all the inconvenience caused.
      At CrazySales we want make everyone a happy customer.We are offering 7 days money back guarantee and if there is something go wrong we wanna help.
      We currently trainning a couple of new staff,apologies for all the inconvenice.Please email us your invoice numbers and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


  97. Thanks Sheldon, They have offered to replace these items now. Thank you for your help and once again you have a great site and I hope to assist in getting as many people as I can to visit your site

  98. After reading all the disaster stories, I just thought I would say that I have ordered from 1-day (good delivery times, pretty average customer service but they do sort stuff out in the end), snatch a deal (LOVE these guys! Awesome to deal with, really good communication), mighty ape (great products and prices but I personally have found their ordering and delivery somewhat lacking – however I have a colleague who finds them excellent), crazy sales (LOVE these guys too – really easy to deal with and communicate with!) and day sale (not much to say – not awesome but nothing negative to say). No real disaster stories from me – maybe I’ve just been lucky ๐Ÿ™‚ I have done all our Xmas shopping tho, and for a fraction of store prices – and no crowds. Woo hoo! Love your site Sheldon – would probably have a lot more $$ if I hadn’t discovered it, but then I’d be facing the Xmas crowds too….and with a toddler in tow, much better to shop online ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Hi all,
    Today in, they advertised apple ipod Nanos for $1 and they made customers fools by putting server down. After 40mins of kept waiting when the webiste was up and its showing stock left 0%.It seems to be fake ad and made awaiting customers fools.I wonder that how come all the stock over within a second and also with the website become down.One more small example, that yesterday they advertised Thomas friends Engine for 89$ and as soon as they release this offer within secs they made it as stock left 0.And after that immediately again they are showing stock left 100%.So this is the way they are misguiding customers. Even for today’s deal,I checked with all of our friends those are waiting for this deal especially, they also didn’t get a chance to buy. So finally I want to tell the website’s owner and all the staff that don’t make customers fools and misguide by putting $1 deals. Hope the customers and entire staff will read this mail.

    • mmm, could be worth forwarding to the commerce commision to look in to it, nasty fine if they didn’t have a reasonable amount of stock on hand or available for resale.

  100. Hi,
    Lalitha, I too encountered this with
    After waiting since last week for these darn $1 IPods to come out i was set after the email came out this morning to be on the site at midday to purchase.
    Come midday the deals that appeared were the ones I received an email about yesterday (a pile of marshmellows and some other guff) so after repeatedly checking until 12.15 i assumed the IPods must be coming out tomorrow.
    After i got back from my lunchbreak low and behold, the IPods were indeed on there by this time and were sold out. I immediately sent a message using the contact link on their site expressing my frustration that these came out late. By the sounds of it i would not have had a chance to get these at all. I am slightly relieved that i am not the only one who was duped here….. pretty terrible, i say put on some IPods and give us a fair go!!

    • Hi Sanford,
      Yes you are right.According to me these $1 deals are fake and misleading customers. It seems the website owner wants the number of clicks for their website to earn more money and fame for their website.Rather they would have been posted their customer support contact number and Email address even.It seems to be misleading customers by simply wasting their valuable time and make them sit and browse their website.

      So everybody beware of this.

  101. Hi Lalitha,
    We are certainly not out to fool anyone, but we understand your disappointment. It’s hard to run such an extreme deal and not upset everyone who misses out. I think in future we will need to consider that people might invest quite a bit of time waiting and refreshing and that adds greatly to the disappointment of not getting one, so please accept our apologies for that.

    The iPods went on sale at noon, but the massive amount of web traffic almost instantly froze the server. We have a fairly substantial web server, but obviously still not even big enough! We received notification of several iPod orders from our payment processor and made the decision to take the frozen website down and try and restart it for the remaining stock. This was more complicated than expected and in the process we accidentally exposed the previous day’s deals on the site. After determining exactly what had sold and what hadn’t, we brought the site back online at 12:40 and of course the remaining stock sold instantly.

    The issue you are describing with the stock indicators is one that we are aware of and we are going to improve. The stock number you see on the site indicates the percentage left, taking into account the items people have added to their basket but haven’t paid for yet. Any item that is not paid for within 5 minutes is added back to the available stock, so that others can buy it. On sites like this, people will add all deals to their cart immediately and then decide which, if any, to buy. This is what causes the stock indicator to jump around confusingly. We are going to make a stock indicator that shows both stock paid for and stock reserved, but not paid for yet. Then buyers would know whether they should wait a few minutes and try again.
    I can also promise you that stock numbers are not changed when the deals go live. We feel that would look bad and besides, it goes against the whole idea of a limited-stock sale. Our plan is to have genuine end of line deals and real one-off bargains, rather than simply sell the same junk that one can get at the Warehouse anyway.

    We will continue to run the remaining $1 deals for tomorrow and Friday as advertised, but as these are not iPods, we expect to be able to handle the traffic this time.

    Thanks for the heart-felt feedback Lalitha, and we’re very sorry you didn’t get what you wanted. There is still the draw for the iPad on the 30th of November, and no one has to do anything to win that.. just sit tight and there’ll be good news for one lucky subscriber.

    Best of luck from Ezydeal.. and thanks too to Sheldon for running his website here. He serves well as the 1-day-deal cop ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am in total agreement with Lalitha, at 11.55am i logged on and refershed continually until noon then the site came up with yesteradys offers which stayed there until it eventually crashed.

      It was then notified that they would come back at 12.40 so again i refreshed continually until it came back up and low and behold ZERO stock !!!! I wonder how many staff managed to get their hands on an ipod just as it was released.

      I am now highly sceptical of sites offering items too good to be true becasue more often than not it turns out that actually they are too good to be true.

      The release of these ipods was hyped up so much that it was always bound to fail and leave everybody annoyed and frustrated at missing out, i can only take their word for it that there was actually anty stock of ipods to be sold to the public and that it was not false advertising, I would be very keep to hear from anybody who actually managed to secure one. ๐Ÿ™

  102. Hi Ezydeal team,
    Thanks for the reply and I just want to know how many of the ipods stock you kept on website for $1deal. I mean how many members bought this.

  103. Hi Lalitha,
    I too got online at 11.55 waiting for the $1 ipods. It kept telling me “we will be here at midday, click here to see yesterdays deals”, I kept refreshing (and getting the same we will be here at midday sign) at 12.17 I got yesterdays deals up (which wouldnt have been all bad if I could have got some of those marshmallows lol), then from about 12.20 right thru to 1pm I refreeshed every 30seconds and it kept coming up that there was an overload. When I finally managed to get on an hour after the deals started at 1pm, all the ipods were sold.My question is, if people couldnt get on because of overloading etc, then how did people manage to get them at all? Is it just a luck of the draw if you got on their server? Is it the people who have flasher computers whose are faster and refresh quicker that got on there? I would rather they randomly pick (say they have 100 ipods) 100 people who are ezydeal members, and give them the offer thru email, or something along those lines. I would have paid $100 for those ipods, and bought 1 each for both of my kids for Xmas. I can see that ezydeal didnt forsee this problem, but hopefully they will learn from it.

  104. re ezydeal ipods?

    I’m no IT geek but i tried to buy Wellington Severn’s tickets a couple or weeks ago and the same or similar happened i kept refreshing and after 10 mins i was told sold out ! how come if you couldn’t get in?? and last time i looked there were 40,000 seats at wespac stadium? i know dam well there wouldn’t have been 40,000 ipods up for grabs so i guess it’s luck of the draw some you win and some you loose!

  105. Great big FAIL from ezydeal today. Website was showing me yesterdays garbage at 1200 and then their server crashed. How convienent for them. Guess some lucky punter scored the only ipod. As soon as the iPad is given away at the end of the month I’ll unsubscribe to their service……unless they actually sell products worth buying.

  106. Hi All,

    I too suffered today with site. As Lalitha told they are cheating customers. I don’t agree with the answers given by the ezydeal website staff. When I got mail from them today morning, I told some of my friends also about this. All of them tried and every one got the same problem. The site was up till 12 noon. After 12 they started showing yesterday’s deals. After some time server down. All my friends told they could not able to buy ipod. If no one got them at all who purchased them? The site staff should reply by giving the details of who ever purchased ipods today. If they are saying truth, they should give the names and their contact numbers or emails on the site. I think they made the server down knowingly and after some time made it up and shown ipods sold. Any one can easily understand this.

  107. I didn’t bother trying as I have seen this before on other sites when they start up. They will only have 3-4 iPods, from which they’ll get 3-4 happy customers, and the monetary loss will be $600-$800

    What they don’t bank on is that hundreds of people will be lured into trying to buy one – of which the vast majority will leave with a sour taste in their mouths. I have seen this happen so many times before that it baffles me that someone would go out and make the same mistake.

    Here’s hoping they pull through with some real deals and get some credibility back with all of the above posters!

  108. OK I have to add a comment! I love Bookshake… so have been buying LOTS… just loving the fact I get good books so cheap. Yesterday I ordered a book from an author I like (but had missed an earlier book of hers on special and was spewing because I really wanted it). I also ordered a copy for a friend at work since I was already paying postage. Courier package arrived today and they had thrown in the other book I wanted as a FREEBIE! I’m stoked as! Way 2 go bookshake!

  109. Lani, I too have been using Bookshake ( a LOT lol) and have found them to be fantastic, even their regular books are at great prices, and I emailed them and they emailed back promptly and super friendly and helpful!

    but as for Ezy Deal, they had a $1 deal again on today for shower gel, it was gone in less than a minute, so I refreshed, there was 5% stock left, and within the 1 second it took me to get to the next page it was gone! Bloody slack. I’ll be surprised if anyone wins an Ipad at all! If they are going to do $1 deals, then they need to have more than one or two items for sale. Im going to give them another few days and if they dont improve, Im unsubscribing, usless!

  110. OMG! and now EzyDeal send me their todays deals email at 12.37! Apologising for yesterdays ipod mess-up and offering the shower gel instead! If it wasnt available a minute after it went online, it aint gonna be available at 12.37! What a bloody joke this outfit is! If they cant get their stuff sorted, maybe they shouldnt have come back online yet! ggrrr Im so frusrated! lol

  111. Big thumbs up for! Today I got my delivery and they threw in a voucher for a free KFC Krusher! Its totally been a week for 1day extras! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ezydeal sounds crap… I’m not even going to bother!

  112. I’m another victim of Ezydeal, I bought the $1 marshmallows including postage = 9.99 promptly taken out of our bank account with no email confirmation of my order so I emailed them but havenโ€™t heard from them since

  113. Well well, now Ezydeal have sent out correspondence apologizing for the farce that was the ipod for $1, but surely a little bit of common sense was needed by them too??
    How hard would it have been to have a quick count at all the people in the data base who had registered for updates from them and add a safety factor knowing full well that the day they released the alleged ipods they would get atleast the same amount of people trying to log on to the site at the one time in the vain attempt to get the ipod.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to look at other sites and the issues they have had in releasing this type of offer, just not good enough โ€ฆ..

    So did anybody actually get an ipod?? I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they had at the very least 2 ipods to sell as they did advertise it as โ€œa selectionโ€ therefore implying they had at least 2 for sale.

    Lets see if they improve or just drop down to another site selling tak that nobody really wants

    • Hi Alan,
      It’s all one big learning experience and we’ve got our eyes and ears open all around to pick up what advice and lessons we can. And yes, we certainly had more than two iPods. We invested what we could afford to give away, and the buyers are now in possession of them.

      Just FYI, the chance for any one of our subscribers to get one of the iPods was 5 times better than their chances of winning the upcoming iPad draw. We’re happy with the number we chose to sell given the value of the deal and the number of people it was targeted at. Take into account that we are new and our subscriber list is not as big as one might think.

      It has also become clear that even five times the number of iPods would have left us in the same position… the vast majority of visitors would still be without and equally unhappy. Case in point – The shower gel sold out in a fraction of a second, with only a fraction of the traffic and no server issues… but even that has left a handful of people upset and thinking it’s a scam. There’s just no answer for that.

      One thing that is important going forward is that we don’t want people to have to spend more than a few seconds or a minute checking the day’s deals and seeing if they’re still available. No one should have to sit around refreshing for an hour and that is something we are sorry for causing.

      Totally agree on the tak comment as well… we can but try!

  114. Ahhh am I am another disgruntled customer of Ezydeal and the farce ipods – would be great to know if anyone did get one. What a pathetic excuse for a sale, and I would be one of thousands who wasted an entire hour refreshing the browser…….
    Buck up your ideas ezydeal, you sure know how to get a bad name for yourself.

  115. We bought some Guinness Pint Glasses. We waited over a month then emailed to advise that we hadn’t received the product. They then advised that they had tried to deliver it but as we have a locked letterbox it had been returned. Totally understand this, but to not be advised? They then said they would resend it so we gave them a different address. They advised it had been returned to the shelves so we would get a refund. They then refunded us, minus postage. All small things but altogether made for a crappy experience.

  116. Folks…….
    Yay!……Its 10/10/10….Top-10 Day Today…. and the launch of highly awaited….Top-10 Mobiles today(

    …Do not forget to check great specials…..through out the day today….on all top-10 deal sites…..

    Also only today Top-10 would be putting new deals through out the day with significant price drops all day……Enjoy!

    Thank you New Zealand….

    Kind Regards,
    Online Team

  117. Yet again I thought I would give Ezy Deal the benefit of the doubt and give them another go yesterday, yet lo and behold at 12.15 they were still showing the “we will be back at noon” page. What a load of bollocks, if they are genuine and they are selling out so quickly, what are you supposed to do? Hang around for an hour refreshing every 10 seconds waiting for their stuff to come up for sale AFTER noon? I am flabbergasted at the amount of trouble I am having with them after only a week (and I mean besides the ipod/shower gel/12.37pm email debacle) This outfit is terrible and I am concerned that if I do manage to buy something (not holding my breath there) what sort of condition is it going to be in, what type of customer support they are going to have etc. They can apologise all they want, but actions speak louder than words – as they say.
    On another note, I have to say a big hurrah! for Bookshake, their deals are fantastic and the customer support/emails are great. They are making a LOT of money off me LOL

    • Ezydeal: I’m still waiting to have my issue resolved. The only contact I have had from them is through here even though I have filled out 2 contact forms, so their customer support is lacking.

    • Hi Michelle,
      We certainly don’t want you to be spending any more than a minute at the most on our website. We think people should only have to take one look at the deals and be able to move on to another site in a few seconds.

      The deals have been going live at 12.00 each day. However, we think that some people are refreshing the standby page rather than following the instruction to click the orange button, which checks the homepage and returns if it is not yet noon. We’re working to improve that and many other aspects of the site, but in the meantime, please click the button if you arrive before 12.00 and we’re very sorry for the hassle caused.
      Team ezydeal

  118. i bought the freview magnabox from 1 day, they sent it to me, with it being opened and no cords. so i emailed them and all they could do is say sorru and sent me the cords, before then i had already gone out a bought AV cords.
    instructions are crap, searched the web and found that other people had bought the same product and had trouble setting it up and getting it tuned. you can’t tune it from New Zealand (as you have to choose the country) i have to tune it from england to get some channels and then 1ce i have it all tuned in it just cuts off and then theas no signal. mmmm very odd, makes me think they sent me a dudd box considering it was already open. emailed them 3 weeks ago and still no reply. waste of 75 bucks

    • You keep changing it all around! I know where the boxes are that I click on everyday and this morning you had me very confused! hehe

  119. I bought a product through, but they sent me the wrong product. The problem is to return it I have to click on the return button relating to my purchase, but there is no return button coming up for my purchase. There is no email address on the website and no phone number. I tried emailing their tech support but got no reply and I tried posting a blog on their blog site with no results. How do you get through to these people when there is no clear method of communication?

      • Hi, Sheldon,
        I have also had problems with Catch of the Day. The item I ordered was faulty. It took and age for anyone to return my emails; they eventually gave me the option to replace the item or refund my money. I wanted the replacement. I returned my purchase as instructed and was told I would get a refund. I sent countless emails telling them again of my choice, all were ignored. Catch of the Day is the worst daily deal site I have dealt with.
        Kind regards

      • i’m still waiting on my product. ordered it nearly 2 weeks ago, it says its processing…. have emailed them twice, with no response. my mate bought same item 30mins after me, and got it last week!!! they are very quick to take the money from my credit card (less than 24hrs), but very slow in responding to emails or sending out the actual product. will not be using again once i get this sorted.

    • I’ve purchased from their Aussie site (when i lived in Melb) and they were fine. Currently I am waiting for a hard drive which i ordered on the 16 Oct. I’ve just left them a kind note to hurry up (its still in a processing state) and will give them another few days before i take the matter further. B

      • Brad – I’m also waiting on a hard drive, ordered on the 16th Oct that is ‘processing’. Have sent them two polite requests for an estimated delivery date – no response yet.

        • Just to let you know, my hard drive arrived today. Would have been nice if they’d answered my queries, but at least I got the product I paid for. Now hopefully it works! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We’ve all got to realise the risk of buying online. I’ve learnt the hard way that it really isn’t worth it – and actually follow through but just not going there!!! – however tempting it may be. Any product you really want or need is available somewhere in a shop where you can look at it and talk to a real person who you can go back to if (when) something’s wrong.

      Online sales are there to make money, not to provide good service!

      • Interesting points Harry, thank you for contributing.

        If the process goes right, I don’t need service, I just need delivery. It’s when things go wrong, that’s when you notice the lack of service.

        For me buying online is extremely convenient. I find what I want online, from the comfort of my desk, and it turns up on my doorstep the next day. How much time did I save by not having to visit shops and search shelves and wait in queues? Increasingly, I am finding that my time is more precious to me than my money (but it’s great to have both!)

  120. Hi Sheldon,
    Any chance of having the websites listed in time mode – the time that the deals change grouped together. I noticed that someone else had asked for this a while ago and I was wondering what the possibility of this would be.

  121. Not sure how Spreadadeal qualifies as a one day deal site when the goods aren’t actually for sale (even though they appear to be) and days after placing your order you receive an email saying your order has been cancelled as there wasn’t enough interest in the product!

    I appreciate what they are trying to do but they need to redesign the site to be a bit more up front with their intentions and maybe have a genuine “this product is live” notification .

    Take them off the list Sheldon…..

    • Hi Sheldon,

      Although not a traditional one day site currently, Spreadadeal does offer products that are available on a short terms basis, and we will be moving to a one day format shortly.

      We operate as a co-op and buy as a group, so if the minimum number of opt ins isn’t reached, we don’t follow through with the purchase. Although this is explained on each page on the site, we can certainly look to make it clearer and avoid confusion.

      By the way, funds are simply held on the credit card and never cleared until the deal has gone live and finished .

      Hope that all makes sense! We โ™ก our little community and really appreciate feedback (good or bad) on what we’re doing. We encourage people to connect with us on Facebook ( or email us directly if they have any questions.

      Lucy @ Spreadadeal

  122. On Friday last week I paid for some fishing traces on EZYDEAL. they havent arrived. No track n trace number, No reply through the website. No product. Crappy service to say the least. Not impressed

    • Hi Alister, I see on their FAQ page that “Delivery can take 2-3 business days and please allow for an extra day or two for delivery to the South Island or a Rural address.” So let me know if it doesn’t turn up tomorrow (which would be day 5) and I’ll see what I can do.

  123. Just to let you know, Off The Back is now a dedicated 1 day sale website, and needs to be moved into that category from the shopping website category.

  124. Just proceeded to process a sale with Catch of the Day. Entered my card details, left the page to process and seems the website went offline as the page loading failed. I then went and checked my account to find I had been charged for the sale twice and no order was made on my Catch of the Day account. Then tried to email them but the email function of their website kept telling me to log in before I could make contact with them. I was logged in. Grrr! Sent an email to the Tech side of and am awaiting their reply… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • As I outlined before, catchoftheday have sent me the wrong item but I have been unable to get any contact with the company even now. It is impossible to register to send an email because it keeps asking you to register, even if you are registered and logged in and i have sent an email to the tech guy several days ago with no reply. They seem to be very dodgy!!!!!!

      • I’m suffering the same fate. I managed to create a ticket and they asked for photo’s of proof of the wrong item being delivered and since providing them 3 weeks ago, and 2 follow up requests for an update I’ve recieved no correspondence back.

        • I have now created a ticket and sent over 20 emails with no reply. Catchoftheday is either very dodgy or completely incompetent and people should be wary of dealing with them.

          • Agreed, I will never make any further purchases from this site. I have now created a ticket and also tracked down their NZ address for service. I’ve sent all the correspondence I have emailed and although expect to be refunded for the two electronic charges debited from my account, from other experiences it seems this is likely to not be the case as their customer service is severely lacking. Very disappointed and upset about being out $31.80!

          • Inexcusable.

   is owned by Australian company Daily Deals PTY Ltd.

            I have found the phone number 03 9558 5640. Calling from NZ that would be 0061 3 9558 5640. I have called the number and left a message on voicemail.

            I talked to the owner 6 months ago but after several emails to him since then, I have heard nothing. His name is Hezi Leibovich.

            I am disabling the link to until I have heard from the owner.

          • Good Job !!!I had the same thing happen to me, ordered a home security camera and got a completely different one to the one that I ordered… pleased I never sent it back tho cos sounds like I would have completely out of pocket!! At least we could still use the camera.. But totally FALSE ADVERTISING…. Im pleased you have taken them off the list!!

          • Hi Sheldon, I received an email from “Vess” at CatchOfTheDay today:

            Hi there,
            Thank you for your email.
            I am very sorry for the error and I’m glad you pointed it out.
            You are correct, it looks as though the oder did not successfully go through correctly however you were charged twice.
            Unfortunately we are unable to manually place orders on your behalf sorry.
            I have managed to locate the extra charges and have organised a refund back to your credit card immediately and will show within the next two business days.
            Again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
            Kind regards,
            Customer Service Crew

          • []
            i bought 60 chupa chups last week, and still haven’t recieved it yet, does it mean i wont recieve it, if i dont, how can i get a refund?

          • []
            I brought 60 chupa chups last week and havnt received any thing . will i get a refund or what.?

          • []
            I have recently purchased a USB REcording input and they sent me a freaking MICROPHONE… Totally attached photos and everything on their ticket system and got an e-mail asking me to attach pics etc… then go to my orders and request a return… have done that and over a week later heard NOTHING!


          • []
            Al Ronberg,
            That’s EXACTLY what happened to me. Same product, same mix up and same response…. Sent 3 emails demanding an update on the status of a resolution and have not recieved a response since my 1st email with the photos…. 3 weeks ago!!!!! These guys are outta control.
            What recourse do we have????

          • Does send items from Australia or from New Zealand? Can you provide me with a PO Box or return address that I can use to search for them?

          • This is from their faqs…

            Please use the “Email Us” button to get in touch with us or complete the Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) form as soon as you find the problem so that we can help out straight away.

            What a joke

          • The box has the following information on it:

            Catch of the Day. Vijay Bala
            PO Box 210027
            Laurence Strevens Drive

            It is a NZ Post Printed postage sticker.

          • You should delete the link altogether, I used them once and the product (ergonomic mouse) was faulty, when I say faulty I mean it did not work at all. No response from them.

            Rip off artists.

          • I have exactly the same issue as Andrew and Al Ronberg. Ordered pro tools recording studio and received pro tools vocal studio. I created a ticket and initially heard back from “Nick”. I also ordered a return which, three weeks later, is still “awaiting approval”. I’ve emailed, created a new ticket – no response.

            I’m going to get my bank to reverse the credit card transaction and see if that helps get their attention. If not, I’m going to the disputes tribunal. I hate being messed around like this.

          • In Summary:
            04/10 – Saw Protools Recording Studio advertised
            07/10 @1043am – Product arrived and it wasn’t what I ordered. Used contact ticket system to express concern… Included photos in Ticket as per instructions.
            07/10 @1940pm – Received e-mail asking for photos etc… replied that I had already included in original ticket.
            11/10 – Received reply (4 days later) asking me to log in and send a RMA return request… Did this instantly…
            11/10 – Received confirmation that my request was registered on their system…
            22/10 – Followed up by opening ANOTHER ticket to whinge about no follow-up…

            And that is the last I have heard from Catch of the Day… No contact is appalling business and I think we should find some way to collectively complain about this!!!

          • Two months ago, I bought a USB disk from Catchof theDay for $129, & it packed up within a week.

            They gave me a big runaround (to Samsung & another retailer) before advising me to file an “RMA” (request to return faulty item). Since doing that almost a month ago they have stopped responding to my emails. The last email I received was from “Nick”, on about 12th October.

            I’ve now put a complaint in to the Commerce Comission (for what its worth..).
            I think COD are acting fraudulently & need to be shut down.

          • I got a video baby monitor from catch of the day, and got send a much superior product to the one that we purchased. Problem is, one of the chargers was faulty and blew within just a couple of weeks.
            We arranged an RMA, their customer service team was really helpful, but we had yet to return it (honestly, we’d forgotten about it… We’ve been using another monitor), and they were really helpful.
            I’d still like to see my monitors broken charger replaced. Is there any protocol about how long you have to send a product back after a return is arranged?
            And if the company looks to be suss, am I better off to try and replace the charger or get it fixed without dealing with COTD?
            Cheers Sheldon.

          • Hi All,
            If you have paid by credit card and not recieved the goods you paid for, you can automatically get the transaction reversed by your credit card company. Visa and MasterCard have rules that require any bank issuing their cards to follow card holder instructions and reverse if the item provided is not what you expected. You have 120 days to reverse a transaction at which point if the website get too many reverseals they will suspend their credit card services.

          • I am not happy with catch of the day either I ordered a fleece throw off there on the 4th of November and still havent recieved it after reading all these replys it doesn’t seem as though I am going to either not impressed at all and will never be purchasing from them again ๐Ÿ™

          • I purchased a MP3 player from Catch of the Day which took nearly a month to be delivered. It is faulty. The battery only works for a maximum of 10 minutes. Sounds pretty awful too. I contacted Catch of the Day via their website and lodged a complaint on the 8th November and requested a refund. I have heard nothing. I will not be purchasing from this site again and I am telling as many people as possible not to as well.

    • Hi Dan, I agree that it is confusing. The deals start at 12noon on Mondays and finish midnight Friday night every week.

      Would you like to see something more interesting than just a “please stand by” message?

      • Re:
        I brought a mini-laptop for $250 5 months ago. 3 months ago I lodged a ticket and said that it had become unusable as they many of the keys on the keypad stopped working. They replied and asked me to send the faulty product to a free post address. I did and have not heard back. I have emailed them and asked what is the status is. I have not heard back. I was seeking a replacement but now just want my money back.

  125. YAHOO well not really you would think yahoo would look after there customers but was I wrong one month later we are still waiting for a 10 day delivery shame on you yahoo

  126. bought a Wii accessories kit, a couple of days later received an email advising they were short of stock and would refund me fully and credit $10 to my 3deals account. even though i missed out on the deal i would definately trade again as their customer service is great

    • I purchased two of the Samsung f480 touch screen phones off 3deals not long ago. I waited about 8 working days for them and they never came. I sent emails, and when they finally replied, it turned out they had never sent them in the first place! They then advised me that I could not have one pink and one silver phone, as they had sold all the pink ones and I had to settle for two of the same colour. Luckily, they redeemed themselves a little by sending it on an overnight delivery.

      Still shameful for a $500 purchase. I was not impressed by their customer service at all.

    • That happened to me too, I think it was because it advertised as coming with a controller, but it actually didn’t. They sent me the same email stating that I would have a credit on my account, but I don’t???

  127. just recieved my order from 1day 3 bags of lollies i orded a mixture 2bags sour bears 1 bag sour worms very disappionted wen i opened the bag and had 3 bags of gummy coke bottles dont even like them and would never of orded them GUTTED!

  128. A quick note to our wonderful customers, were running a little behind on shipping a few orders due a massive surge in sales (Mainly the ION watches). We have hired temp staff to catch up and all outstanding orders will ship out today. Thanks for understanding and bearing with us & congratulations on getting in on the bargins! ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Hey Sheldon

    Just wanted to say cheers for such a great site! It makes life so much easier. And its amazing to see you going to such lengths for the guys who have problems with their orders when you really dont have too.

    Good on you mate!


  130. Hi Sheldon
    I ordered a Prima Halogen Convection Oven from on 27 September 2010. They said 10-day delivery. I haven’t received it. I have emailed their customer service once, then received a reply saying they will contact the supplier. No news since then. Your advice?

        • Hi Sheldon,
          No luck so far. sent an email on 28/10/2010 saying that Post Haste lost the parcel, they are doing a search etc. That was more than a week ago. Then nothing else, they are not even replying to email anymore. What next?

          • Hi Sheldon,
            You might be interested in the email they sent to me.

            Hi Wan,

            My apologies for the delay.

            We haven’t been able to track down the order and unfortunately we cannot re-order you a replacement as our company has gone into receivership.
            As you may be aware Hubsta Limited (in receivership) was placed in receivership on 4 November 2010.
            The receivership has been registered with the Companies Office and is being advertised in The New Zealand Herald on the 11th of November 2010 and New Zealand Gazette on 18th of November 2010. Both notices provide the receiver’s contact details. The next milestone is the publication of the receiver’s first report into the affairs of Hubsta Limited (in receivership) which is due on or about Monday the 15th of November 2010 at which time this report will be posted on the company’s official web site (

            Thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time.

            Please direct any queries you have to the receiver.

            Glorie Misa
            Customer Services

  131. I got an umbrella off 1day, took a week to arrive, took it out of the box and it was broken. emailed 1day and have had no reply. Im not impressed about this at all

  132. Re: Correction:
    Purchased some lollies off this website, there was nothing from them for 10 days, I followed them up asking where the order was and they emailed back a day later saying (21st) … they are busy and have delays in sending items out. I happen to be heading away so asked them to hold the order until the 2nd of Nov. I get an email today saying actually the item was sent on the 20th, but shows at NZ Pos as been sent on the 24th. Don’t bother using these guys, its the 3rd time they have been slack at sending orders and give poor customer service.

      • Whops sorry you are right D, its Catch of the day .. they take 3 days on average to respond to emails and when they do, they don’t answer your questions they just talk about the problems they are having.

        • Have to say the Lollies were waiting on the door step when I got home on Friday, still no invoice or tracking number or response to my last email. But at least I got the lollies I was expecting. They have horrible customer service still!

  133. Re
    hi although you have disabled the website from your page, i have still been getting emails through from them with a daily deal,

  134. Snatch-a-deal. I have used snatchadeal a few times now. I bought a ipod/iphone cover off them last week and it wasnt described very well at all so wasnt what I expected. I also ordered a book from them about 2 months ago and they sent me the wrong one. Both times I have phoned them and their service has been excellent. The woman that answers the phone is super friendly, has a good sense of humour and is very efficient at her job and getting your problem sorted out. I reccommend their service to anyone. btw, I won a $25 voucher thru 1-day! yay! I never win anything! I only have till this Friday to spend it tho, so hopefully I can find something I want.

  135. Hi , Has anyone dealt with Megadeal? We sold 46 deals and according to Megadeal 45 of them cancelled??? This could be a scam company. Does anyone have any feedback??


  136. i recently brought some memory cards off I had no problems with the order but i got an email saying some of them were wrong and that they were 4gig cards in stead of 16gig cards.

    They refunded every one and even me who had nothing wrong with the product i brought. and i get to kep the memory cards

    great stuff

  137. Bought the Oreo pack from snath-a-deal, just want to say: IT IS NOT LIKE THE PICTURE ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!!!!! The actual pack is very small, with 36 small pack and 3 Oreo in each pack, total 108 pieces of Oreo. I think the picture on their website is 36 pack with 15 Oreo each pack, although they said it’s 3 pieces per pack instead of 15 pieces in the description.

    Anyway, just don’t trust their pictures and read their descriptions before you buy… I think $18(including shipping) can buy a lot more Oreo in the supermarket ๐Ÿ™

  138. Firstly, lovely website, thank you! Did anyone else buy the ‘surge protectors’ from firstin recently? I find they double quite well as tambourines as they rattle quite alot and plugs don’t actually go in them. Flicked off an e-mail this morning, but just wondering if anyone else needs a tambourine player ina band?

    • Hi C,

      It seems that you haven’t had a great experience with your surge protectors that you bought from us! We do apologise for that. Hopefully you received the courier ticket and returns form that I emailed. We will do our best to get you out a couple of replacements that are up to an acceptable standard, if we are unable to do that we will process a full refund for you.


  139. Re: Catch of the Day
    Had ordered an external hard-drive off them on the 16th October. Was stuck on their Payment CC for a while (“We have received your order request along with your Credit Card payment and your order should be PROCESSED shortly for you.”), sent them an email on the 21st to ask why it was taking so long. On the 26th I finally get a reply which says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your email.
    I’m very sorry about the delay in your order.
    There was a delay at our distribution centre and we are trying our best to get the thousands upon thousands of daily orders packed and dispatched quickly and efficiently.
    Not to worry, once the problem has been resolved the order will be dispatched as soon as possible.
    I apologise for the inconvenience and for the delay.
    Kind regards,

    On the 27th, the status of the item has finally become Processed (“Your order has now been sent to the warehouse for packing and shipment (address labels are being printed, paper work is being gathered, etc.) “). Now let’s see how long it takes. From what I see, it takes a bit of patience with them to get things done although the time frame and effort for it to be completed might not be worth the deals they provide. Will keep my status updated till (if) I get the item.

      • As with some of the other posters, I too ended up receiving my hard drive yesterday. While I am glad it has finally come, I must say it took far too long (although it took just under 3 weeks which their site says you should get it 2-3 weeks). I think what is most annoying is how slow they are to update the progress. I’ve had a look at my status and it’s still in ‘Processing’.

        For those still waiting for theirs, hopefully yours will be coming soon. As for Catch of the Day, their ‘catch’ seems that they may take a while to send their items so be cautious. I would not particularly recommend buying anything expensive with them (if you have to buy from them), it doesn’t seem to be worth the wait and anxiety (in my opinion).

    • I brought the same thing, and have just checked after thinking “hmmm, it’s been a while” – I’m still ‘processing’.

      Why have sales if you don’t have the structure, and staff to deal with them???

      Will let you know if I also receive my hard drive. It had better be the 1TB I ordered, or bigger (*wink*) cause I’ll be really annoyed if they manage to balls that up too!

      • I was interested in buying some of the Chupa-Chup lollipops that they had on a few weeks back, but after reading some of the comments here I decided not to.

        Looking forward (and hoping) to seeing some resolution to people’s issues here.

      • mine is still processing, and even thought they say they respond to emails within 48hours, ive sent them 2 asking where it is, and its been a week since i sent them with no response… getting VERY frustrated…. considering ringing bank and reversing credit card charge.

      • Surely there must be some form of recourse against CatchoftheDay. I also purchased and paid for the offboard hard drive for $90.00 nearly three weeks ago and to date nothing. I received the same non committal responses to my first two e-mails but the third e-mail has been ignored and there has been no response to a telephone message left on the Australian phone number. The status still shows “processing”. I hope that I am wrong, but it is beginning to look as if I am $90.00 out of pocket.

      • Then you get your hopes up that someone sent you a present…before relising it’s just your order, a little dissappointment that you didn’t get a present, but after a split second you relise “sh*t that was quick” and are very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Ordered 2 sound activated t shirts from N Z HERALD SHOPPING on the 15.10.2010. Saturday 30.10.2010 one t shirt arrived from china wrong size. have tried to ring NZ HERALD SHOPPING and phone gives a disonnected tone. Definately will NOT BE USING THIS SITE AGAIN !!!!

  141. I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sites available. As a newbie, can anyone recommend the best sites, as I don’t want to join everything and have my email clogged with messages from sites that aren’t good. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. Has anyone used Fragrance Guy I have paid just over $200 for perfumen two weeks ago, have emailed him and now i am not able to view his website! Has nayone else had dealings with Chris from Fragrance guy?

  143. Bought a bug zapping racquet from Catchoftheday on 18th oct and still no sign of them shipping the product,sent them a couple of emails but in vain no reply.Is this trader to be trusted?

  144. Hi, I was sooo impressed I thought I would post a message! I bought a bluetooth hands free gadget off 3DEALS and it came by courier the next day!!! amazed but happy.

  145. i haven’t even read half, because theres just so many complaints, but im thinking its time to get the commerce commission or fair trading people involved, whoever enforces these things.

  146. Hey Phillip – you got your external hard drive from Catchoftheday yet? My order is STILL processing – 2 weeks later. They have just received a terse email from me….not exactly what I wanted to say tho – a cleaner version!

  147. Crazy Sales are currently pissing me round with a shoddy free standing punch bag they sold me. It has fallen to pieces and I am a small women so it clearly isn’t durable. They have offered me more parts to fix it but it is so badly made I just want my refund! If I get a refund I’ll let you all know! But so far they have been very slow to respond, and very unhelpful!

  148. Just wanted to say, I ordered something off yesterday, and it was waiting for me this morning when I got in to work. EXCELLENT!
    And have purchased many many things off and always been really pleased with the quality and service. Two fantastic sites.

  149. Has anyone used

    Is this legit?

    How does it work giving away stuff for free? Is their income purely from advertising. I’m worried because of the old “if it seems too good to be true it probably is” mantra.

    Any comments would be appreciated!

    • Have you seen their shipping prices? Thats where they are ‘making’ money. Over twice the price of anywhere else. I bet its real crap product as well.

    • Hi Jackie here from Freedeals. We launched last week, and it’s great to see we are starting to get our name out there!

      Yip site is absolutely legit! We work with wholesalers with surplus supply, thats why it’s such a bargain.

      Once you have brought we would love to get your feedback on the product and the buying process.


    • It looks like their shipping price is on the high side- so maybe they are getting some of that revenue- also the products they seem to be “giving away” always loo a bit cheap to me.

    • I have no idea how it works or how they get their income, but I got the boxing hand wraps this week and their service was excellent. They contacted me the day after my order was placed to say they don’t deliver to PO Box addresses, so could they have a street address, and when I got home that day the item was already there waiting for me!
      (I am based in Wellington, so I assume they are too since service was so quick).
      I would definately use them again ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. has been fantastic for me so far. I have ordered four things from them and all arrived within 2-3 days (and I’m way down south!). Quality has been good so far too. Has saved me hundreds of dollars. Am renovating and got a basin mixer worth nearly $200 for $1, and the Ab machine that was $350 for $1. Should I be telling everyone…. I might miss out next time!

      • I ordered from them the other week, it took 2 weeks for my item to arrived, however they did email approx every 2 days updating me on the status, and explaining it was due to their supplier and in future they will have the products before they get listed – good to hear.

        Also because of the delay, they included a free 32gb Memory card with my item, that was awesome! Very happy with the end result, and the good communication from their team so I always knew exactly what was going on down to the very day I recieved my item.

        Will not hesitate to order from them a 2nd time if an item I like arises.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Shipping covers postage and handling fees.
    Overall a pretty good deal if the item is free in the first place !!!


        • Hey guys- the shipping costs covers both the postage and handling cost- as you can imagine our warehouse guy (who picks and packs all these products) wants to be paid at the end of each week. lol

          Also our site has advertising space which provides us with most of our income, and this is how we can give you such great bargains. On this point if anyone knows of any businesses that would be keen to advertise with us please let us know!

          • So in other words you ARE making money on the shipping. Well thats not free at all then.
            When I saw the site I was like wow this is free thats great but then noticing the shipping was say $12 when it would normally be $3 or $4 makes you feel ripped off.
            You would be better off charging a small price and having shipping cost at a normal rate, that way it seems fair.

          • I agree completely with you Natasha—it feels like they are hiding costs a bit by advertising FREE!!! but oh wait- the shipping/handling cost is gona cost you when you check out—–bit mis-leading.

          • Hmmm…. and are run by the same person.

            Maybe one is propping up the other?

  152. Hey Sheldon, regarding Catch of the day: I was starting to panic after reading all the posts about “Catch”, I too had ordered an external hard drive from them on the 16th October and havent seen or heard anything from them!! I emailed them but with no reply! I was just gearing up to try ringing them but my parcel turned up today!! Whew! They must just be behind with their deliveries I think. Hope others have better luck soon with their intems!

  153. Hi, I ordered a couple of watches on the 24th from IT Deals. I am yet to see the goods and my last couple of emails have had no reply. I see they have disappeared off your site and are being taken over by Cheaper Online – is this a convenient way of avoiding their responsibilites (ie providing goods they have been paid for) and continuing up under a new name?

    • I have talked to the owners of IT Deals and Cheaper Online several times over the last few weeks, I am confident they will look after you. I have emailed them to remind them about your problem.

    • Hi Jude,
      I have sent you an email to update you on the progress of your order ๐Ÿ™‚
      Cheaper Online has acquired IT Deals but we ensure you that all outstanding orders will be processed. Thanks for your business.

        • My order has finally arrived – after almost 2 weeks – however only one of the watches works – the other is a dud – only partial figures showing on the screen. I have emailed them but it has taken so long just to get the order in the first place who knows what if anything they will do about it.

          • Courier has just arrived with not 1 but 4 replacement watches – and they all work! I’m very happy.

          • Actually – turns out only 1 works properly. 2 you cant set the time and 1 I can set the time but you have to look at it from an angle to be able to read it! I let them know and that the quality was not what I expect from a supposed $29.95 watch. Having to send 6 just to get 2 that works proves it!Got a grumpy email back from them implying I was after freebies – how about they just provide what they advertise and we pay for!!!! Have used heaps of one day websites before and never had to contact anyone about anyting before – last I will deal with cheaper on line.

          • Hi Jude, you have been unreasonable I believe. I am going to put a copy of the email here as in my view you are being unfair & painting a false picture, as we addressed an issue with faulty product that was raised asap. The second lot of watches were tested before they were sent. Bond & Bond have since dropped the price since we offered the deal a few weeks ago. ( You send us an email to say your happy and they all work, then a few hours later you change your claim. I’m sorry but it does sound odd.
            ______________ Copy of email ___________
            Hi Judy,

            I’ve actually replied to this before.
            You can see the retail price at Bond and bond queen street for your self. Also these are the same as which also had the RRP for the exact same product for $29.95. We’ve sold well over a thousand units and everyone has been more than happy with them, we’ve delivered more than you ordered.
            If your looking for more freebies, sorry no can do.
            (As you ordered 2 and we’ve sent 6)
            Kind Regards,
            However, if you are still unhappy with the products, please contact us, return them for a full refund.

          • I will happily send the 4 dud watches to you Sheldon as Amit clearly does not believe they are faulty.

    • Notice how they have prevented posts on their Facebook wall so peoples only chance to complain is there in the notes? It seems they simply can’t handle it when things don’t smoothly.

    • It arrived…hoorah! And also I received an apology…COTD explain they are far behind in packing the thousands and thousands of orders as its the busiest time of the year for them. Still not good enough by me…but at least I received my goods! All the best for all you buyers in receiving your goods. I probably won’t buy something from them again. Thanks for your added comments too! Brad

  154. Re:
    Absolutely rapt got my perfume today after 2 weeks of waiting. The products are great quality and I will seriously think about using the site again.

    The strong theme in all these discussion threads is the lack of communication and courtesy in returning e-mails. Hopefully people can buy the goods they need off more reliable consumer freindly sites.

    Sheldon you are a treasure Im sure your email to Dave helped lots thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. Hey everyone, there is hope!! Dont write “Catch of the Day” off just yet! I did finally receive my item (3 weeks later) and have just received an email with a genuine apology from them for the delay with goods and delay emailing back to me. From the sounds of things most people are receiving their items eventually and for me personally, for the saving I am making on the products I buy I dont mind the wait if I know it’s definitely coming!! This is the first problem I have had with them and I’ve been buying off them since they started. Everyone deserves a break – look how often 1-day have screwed up!! Lol!

    {copy of email as below}

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your email.

    I’m very sorry about the delay in your order, and also for the delay in responding to your enquiry.

    I have contacted our distribution centre and they have advised that we are indeed slighty behind with processing and dispatching orders, we are at our busiest right now and we are trying our best to get the thousands upon thousands of daily orders packed and dispatched quickly and efficiently.

    All excuses aside though, I understand your concern that you have not received what you have paid for and we are focused on resolving this ASAP. You order(s) have not been overlooked in any way, I have been advised that everything should be packed and dispatched within the next two to three business days.

    Once again, I apologise for the inconvenience and for the ridiculous delay,

    I appreciate your patience and understanding.
    Kind regards,
    Customer Service Crew

  156. I’m really disappointed with NZHerald website. I bought a watch and it took 27 days to arrive at my address. It’s almost a month! This leads me to think twice before buying anything again.

  157. Hi Judy,

    Apologies to hear you have received a dud, we will replace it asap.
    Originally on the order, product description we did mention that delivery on this product was 1-2 weeks. We will dispatch a new unit right away.
    We did also include some freebies with your order, hopefully you got those?

    Just a friendly request, if you communicate with us directly we can addresses anything that may come up 100% of the time.

    From what I can see, it seems you had already posted a complaint on this website before you had even contacted us to let us know there was a problem. However you emailed us on Friday 4.23PM and we’ve replied by 8am Saturday, with the product being dispatched this morning. Your new tracking number is SA 493846295NZ. Will be dispatched today.

    Enjoy the weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚
    IT Deals

  158. Sheldon – Should still be listed under the “Coming Soon” list? It looks to be up and running??


  159. Very impressed with!!

    Ordered yesterday lunchtime and arrived by courier (free shipping) this morning.! Very efficient and great communication, provide you with a tracking link so you can see where your order is

    Brilliant 10/10

  160. 1-day has been taking a bit longer than usual to send things out this week. normally i will get an email the next day that the item has been shipped, but bought a couple of things last week, and they haven’t shipped them out yet, it’s been a week.

  161. I would like to highly recommend (& commend) Communication was excellent, delivery of the product was very quick and the product (ball pump) was of good standard. I don’t mind paying a little extra for postage if I am going to get this kind of service. Great job Jackie and the Team

  162. Recieved my free watch from (though with shipping priced at $12 bucks I actually paid around $6 for the watch) and it was crap. Came in pieces with no back to keep all the clockwork stuff inside which happened to not be inside but floating around next to the watch. Will contact the website and if no response I’ll let you all know…

  163. Hey guys just a quick update on the website situation, because we have such loyal followers and has become so popular, the company we use to host the site cannot handle the volume of traffic and have shut us down! Therefore the site will be temporally unavailable until we can find an alternative provider! We will let you know when we are back up and running !!

    Jackie @

      • Hi Laura,

        Yip all orders that were made yesterday will be dispatched today. You will receive a confirmation email with courier tracking numbers once it has been dispatched.

        Right now we are changing across to new servers that will be able to handle the load! The site will be back up and running in a few days.
        To make it up to our loyal customers we are going to have some super crazy free deals so keep an eye out!

        Ensure youโ€™re registered on our VIP list and we will email you before the next deal goes live…..

        Thanks from the team at

  164. 1-day and 1-day tee are the best, I buy stuff off them all the time and orders always turn up within 3 working days and good quality too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks 1-day, am atm waiting on a tee and can’t wait to get it!

  165. Ordered 2 Pink Panther watches from which were advertised as having a leather strap, but when they arrived they had the metal strap instead. Looked as if the incorrect info had been oput on the website as the leather strapped one were advertised a day or so after. Also ordered a sports watch for my husband which arrived today, but the instructions are in such tiny print that I will to buy a magnifying glass to read them so we can set the watch up. Also they must be designed for people with extremely small wrists as there is no room for adjustment on the bands and it only just does up on the last hole.

    Overall happy with te servcie and will keep buying my “free” items.

    • Hi Maxine,

      Fire me through an email with details of your order to and i will check what has been sent against what you ordered. If you think you have received the wrong item then best to contact us directly and we can sort it out asap ๐Ÿ˜€

      Jackie @

  166. Snatchadeal was great, I ordered a book off them which was damaged, so emailed them and let them know, the response was almost instant and a new book was couriered and arrived the next day, thanks snatchadeal!

  167. Hi, has anybody else had trouble with the Starsat Freeview box from First In – we bought one ages ago and it wont work, my hubby did some internet research and it is looking as though it isn’t suitable for NZ – wrong sort. Surely FirstIn wouldn’t sell something for use in NZ when it can’t work here – would they?

    • Hi Louise,

      We’ve sold 300-400 of these and haven’t had any returns over and above what we’d consider normal – and I have one of these at home that is working well ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Happy to arrange a replacement or refund if you can’t get the unit to work. Give our customer services team a call on 09-522-2944.


  168. Has anyone dealt with ? Order half price havianas, and they have never arrived, and not response to my follow up! Is this a legit site ?

    • Hi Sophie, I’ve ordered a lot of things through nzsale in the past. They do take a while to send the items out (about 3 weeks). If you log into nzsale and go into my account / my orders it should show you its order status. If the items have already been sent there is a link you can click on to track it : )

      • Thanks Laura! I had done that and the item said ‘dispatched’ but the courier company said they had no record of it. Will give them a bit longer then ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Yes, it took 28 days for my tiny order of cosmetics to arrive and 24 days for a medium satchel of clothes. The site is great, but can’t help but complain about postage (fees and delivery).

  169. Hi,

    I recieved the Rip-Stick, am super happy (so would son we he gets it for his bitrhday next week). Just want to say thank you. What a great site this is!


  170. I bought an xbox 360 remote a few weeks ago from, to my displeasure when I went to use it for the first time straight out of the packet it didn’t work. I replaced the batteries numerous times with brand new ones to no avail. To be fair it was quite cheap, but I still expected it to work, and it said nothing about it being dud remote. Is it to late for anything to be done about it???

  171. hi i brought a 1tb hard-drive off catch of the day it stopped working within 2 days i have sent 2 emails to them on about a week and 3 days ago asking for a return or for it to at lest be fixed as its under warranty i have heard nothing from them and my account with them is still showing my order status as “processing” even though i received it 2 weeks ago what can i do is there another way to contact them

    • Oh no! I got one of them too and havent used it yet! Hope mine isn’t a dud too! I might have to go and check it out now!! Fingers crossed!

      • Well damn, that doesn’t sound good for me. I was just about to go searching for a contact number as a car stereo/CD player I bought has stopped working properly. No more CD working – and with a severely autistic 6yo, I NEED music in the car so that when the news comes on the radio, I can switch to CD and stop my son from kicking the window with his boots. Now he kicks it every morning on the way to school.
        But looks like I’ll be out of luck with a follow up. Will think of whether trying is even worth it.

    • Hi Liz, thanks for pointing this out! the product team must have been having a bad day! i will let them know of this error.

      the team at onedollar

  172. Don’t bother ordering anything from the AdultToyMegaStore as they don’t seem to want to supply complete orders, nor do they want to actually respond to queries.

    Ordered items from the AdultToyMegaStore on 5th November and received confirmation that my order had been received on 6th November (items ordered not listed), then on 8th November I received notice that my order had been dispatched – with a tracking number but no list of items ordered. I received a parcel pretty promptly but the parcel only contained 1 of the 4 items that I ordered. I waited and nothing else came, so on the 11th November I emailed ATMS and asked when the rest of my order would arrive (the full payment had been charged to my Credit Card). On the 12th ATMS came back and asked what I was missing and I responded immediately. On the 15th as I hadn’t heard I contacted them again and I received a response saying that they were just going to check their Security Cameras. I have emailed them pretty much daily since then and have had no response and no items……….

    Gutted and extremely dissatisfied

    • Hello Rebecca,
      I had emailed you and said your order has been put in the queue. I do apologise for this as we are a new company and from this mistake we have looked at our dispatch system and made improvements so this doesn’t happen again. You should get your items later today. Also, for the delay I have also added $15.00 worth of vouchers to your order.
      ATMS Team

      • Thats cool ATMS as Im hoping to do all my Xmas Shopping from you guys, it is a let down when comments like these arise!

  173. Hi there,
    I appreciate your attempt to bring a list of all the 1day (or so) deals together and the list is indeed a good bunch. A majority of the websites have a decent deal or two. Yet, it may be time to take off your list now as they have been down for almost over a week. Thanks

  174. cant go past 1-day………… for prices, service and super fast delivery! One-dollar is pretty good too. Keep it up team

  175. groupy deals has stuffed up
    I bought 2 vouchers for a drink special at deluxe night club
    the bar said they did not approve the offer and now im left with 2 pieces of paper that cost me $30

  176. Hi Sheldon,
    I have signed up and ordered from nzsale. I had to follow up myself with Castle Parcels if that’s what they’re called as the tracking number they gave was incorrect. Castle Parcels had lost the item, so I went back to nzsale. They were out of stock and sent me a singlet and refunded and creditted my account with a nzsale voucher. I thought this was good service so I went ahead and purchased another item. Again after waiting I contacted Castle Parcels and they didn’t have the item. After many emails I received a response, a refund and the same voucher back on my account. Too much effort in my opinion to try a third time!

      • The second time round nzsale were out of stock by the time I got a response, so I don’t think it was even sent. Just thought I would let others know incase anyone else had to deal with the same thing ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Emly, I feel your pain. I finally sent nzsale a blasting email this w/end after the third really shizer shopping experience with them. I simply won’t shop with them again and I’m a serious online shopper. In Wellington their items are delivered by NZ Couriers and I can’t fault them. I can fault how damn slow nzsale are to ship their goods in from Australia, which means I wouldn’t dare risk ordering now and hoping to have the items by Xmas.

          • I had a friend purchase something on there about 7 weeks ago, after a few weeks of waiting he contacted them and low and behold they had run out of the item and didn’t even bother to let him know.

            Another friend of mine, brought something and waited 4 weeks for it to arrive!!

            Needless to say they keep warning me now not to purchase anything off there.

    • I use NZ sale and have had no problems until the last time. This time it was NZ couriers who couldn’t be bothered providing a service and wanted me to collect the parcel. I’ve fed back to NZ sale who are really decent people to deal with.

  177. Have been waiting a week and a half for an item from 1-day. Emailed them and asked the status and they said it still hasnt been shipped??? Thought that was kind of poor–especially to not even let us know that it was being delayed quite a bit. I bought it as a birthday gift…..and the birthday was last night so I had to rush out and buy yet another gift so I had something to give them. I dont want the product now as I have no use for it. and it was $50….(I still havent received it)….Should they let me cancel the order?? I was surprised as I have bought things from 1-day before and usually had good service.

  178. There is a New Zealand Music website called that offers 1 free music track by a kiwi musician or band everyday. Free! That’s a pretty good deal.

      • I like to think that the musicians that donate there music to the site own it. They are hard working kiwi’s that really just want to be heard, anything I can do to help them is gravy.

        Cheers for adding the link to your lists. Too bad there isn’t a Music section wink wink.

  179. Wow’re like’re everywhere, you’re everywhere…cool site…was recommended it by a couple i met y/day whilst out charter fishing using a coupon i bought on the mighty Dailydo…now tell me that ain’t a perfect demo. of online marketing in action ?
    good luck, mate

  180. Hi Sheldon
    I was wondering if you could help. On the 12/10/10 I purchased 2 Dailydo vouchers for Bat Your Lashes for $60. In the past 2 1/2 weeks I have rung the business 5 times to make a booking. There was no answer each time so I left messages with my contact details. No response. I found their website and emailed them. Still no response. I then emailed Dailydo via their website last week. No response. I have since replied to the emailed voucher and as yet have received no response. I would appreciate your help.

        • That’s a pretty short expiry date if the campaign was so successful they are booked up for the next 2 months! My advice is to be their first phonecall for the day. Find out what their open time is and call 5mins before that time (and keep calling back if they don’t answer until about 10 minutes after opening time if you have to).

          • It was valid from October so it’s not too bad. The problem is there is only a cellphone number as the contact, not a number for the store. Unfortunately, each call costs money. I have thought about driving to the business but as I work it won’t be until the weekend so not sure they will be open. I’m also disappointed Dailydo hasn’t got back to me. I’m so annoyed I just want my money back. I’m not keen on trusting a business that is so unprofessional.

          • What does the DailyDo smallprint say about refunds? You have made obvious efforts to make an appointment so if anyone had a chance of getting a refund I think it is you. The question is – who do you get a refund from? DailyDo or from Bay Your Lashes? I don’t know the answer to that question.

            In the meantime, I have been able to find the personal email address of Bat Your Lashes: Try her on that.

          • That’s the danger of the voucher business – you need the entity to backup what the site has sold you in good faith (although a bit of a bummer that they haven’t got back to you). Here’s hoping the business sorts it out – good luck Claire!

          • It worked! Got a phone call today. Thanks for the additional email contact I’m sure it helped.
            Love your site by the way.

  181. Now this isnt a problem yet Sheldon but i have the feeling it will be so im using this as a log and to get your advice

    I bought 11 Skydives off for me and some friends. The guy with the last remaining voucher rang up a few days ago to book his in because its almost the expiry date (6.12.10) but the Company NZSkydive has a phone message saying they are not operating anymore. I have emailed ilovedeals and asked them whats going on. But what should ilovedeals be doing if the other company goes under, are they obligated to give me my money back or find an another company to fufil the voucher? your thoughts would be great!


  182. I’m really p*ssed of with Crazy Sales as they are refusing to accept a return on a kick bag I bought mid this year. It has broken twice now and clearly isn’t designed for adult use even though it was advertised as being one. All they will say in their very rare responses to my emails is that it is past the 7 day money back guarantee and they can only send new parts.
    What can I do? It was a huge hassle setting it up and I don’t want to do that again when I can tell it will break again because it is not strong enough for adult use.

    • Hi Rachael,

      Unless this was purchased as an online auction, they have to refund/repair/replace under what’s deemed a “reasonable period of time” under the Consumer Guarantees Act if they are faulty, or not fit for the advertised purpose.

      It sounds like you have every reason to request a refund for the goods not being fit for the advertised and intended purpose. If you quote the CGA to them, I would imagine that they’ll arrange for refund.

      The only downside is that you’ll probably be liable for the freight costs to return it to them ๐Ÿ™

      • Here’s the tricky part, they are not obligated to provide a refund. The CGA leaves that part of the decision making up to the seller so unfortunately they could indefinitely keep requesting for it to be sent back and be replaced until their warranty period is met (fyi, the warranty period doesn’t start anew with the new supply but remains as of the original supply date).

        If you have no luck with them keep making noises in public forums like this and try and climb the chain inside the company further up from Customer “Services”.
        Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

        • D’oh! I stand corrected ๐Ÿ™‚ Where I work, it came up with a coffee machine that a customer had used for 14 months.

          It came with a 12 month manufacturers warranty, but he’d sent it back a couple of times prior for the same fault.

          Given that 14 months is still reasonable to expect we refunded him and it now sits in our staff room ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Reasonable, a great word, that’s why I laugh when places tell me something has only a 3month warranty and offer to sell an extended one.

            Under the law it is the judges/mediators call on a case by case basis but a reasonable “Reasonable” time is generally accepted as – electrical goods 24 months, mechanical goods 24 – 36 months and second hand 3 months.

            If something is only just outside the period a shop really can not refuse it point blank and should take the time to invesigate properly.

            In saying that, if something was to fail due to a true warrantable reason it is expected in a far shorter timeframe than suggested above.

  183. Hello,
    i was just on the fragranceguy website, and clicked on one of the tabs at the top for the mens fragrance. When i clicked there it linked me through to the fragrancex website (when you click on the link to the side of frgarance guys page it doesnt do this). Fragrance X are dodgy as… i brought christmas presents on there on 4th november and still havent received them. Yeah there are delays with cargo etc…..but i also bought from amazon at the same time and received those goods two weeks ago. If fragranceguy is a front for fragrancex people need to be really careful. They have heaps of negative feedback spread across the internet (sadly i didnt check any of it out until i became suspicious when things didnt arrive)

    • Hi Michelle,
      I have emailed you this personally but for those out in CyberLand, we have affiliation with the site you refer to, we did, but due to poor shipping, fake products and slack approach to customer service we parted ways and now have suppliers we were dealing with previously, Always appreciate this sort of feedback and hope you get back to me soon.

      Dave – “The”

      • Hi dave,
        Thanks for that, i was just a bit alarmed when i was linked through to them. ministry of consumer affairs agreed that you fragrancex were a scam, and i didnt want to see anymore kiwis get ripped off at this time of year.

        Great to hear you have parted ways


  184. Heya Sheldon,

    Just wanted to say that your awesome for helping eveyone out so much =) and making sure that you are keeping a close eye on dodgy sites! It can’t be easy keeping the cons at bay!!!!

    Thank you

  185. big ups to mighty ape…… placed an order with them after 7pm last night,,,,,and product was delivered today…. fantastic!!!

  186. Thanks so much for all you help guys this is the best website ever and you do an awesome job of providing comments, warnings, and feedback through this blog! Congratulations! And cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. Bought some shoes for my son off nzsale, they were supposed to be navy blue sneakers (like chuck taylors) for my son to wear to school. When they arrived (5 weeks later when they said it would be 10 days to 3 weeks) they had a letter saying sorry that style was not in stock so they had sent pink Mary Janes in a different size! When I emailed them back they said if I returned them they would give me a refund or alternatively I could drop them off to Albany…. I live on the other side of Auckland. It wasn’t until I emailed again that they sent a prepaid courier bag.
    When they sent the shoes they said they would process the refund immediately if I was not happy, I requested this in my emails but they sauid they wouldn’t refund until they had the shoes. In the end it took 3 weeks from when I returned the shoes to get the refund.
    This company was complete rubbish to deal with and I won’t be buying off them again, I have had friends with similar experiences.

  188. GrabOne
    I used this webiste the other day to buy a 50% off deal with a website called “” for a canvas print.
    I am so psycho at the moment it isnt funny lol
    Not only does the code they gave me not work, when I emailed them I got a reply telling me to go to a certain website, where do they think I was going???? Then they have the nerve to say “we apologise for any dissapointment” HUH? Of course its a dissapointment when your redemption code doesnt work and the customer service guy is as thick as two short planks!
    I will be doubtful to buy anything thru grabone again, do they not check out the websites/businesses they are advertising???
    if you see a deal for “” be prepared to be frustrated!
    And to top it off, their offices dont open till 10am, I tried every 20 seconds from 9.55am to get thru,when i finally did I got disconnected 3 times and then it says there is a 15 minute wait! how can that be when your phone lines only opened up 30 seconds ago??????
    Damn Im grumpy now LOL

    • I’ve had heaps of trouble with this too! I thought it was just me missing an instruction somewhere. You put the code in on the website they give but then you are not given any credit for the product at all – the website still tries to charge you for the product. Not cool at all – this was going to be for a christmas present – waste of $36. I’ve also struggled making contact with anyone through the website.

  189. Hi There,

    I returned a GPS naviagation unit to 1 Day guys and it has been more than 3 weeks and I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Does anyone have similar experiences with 1 Day guys?

    • I have 5 words for you based on my experience (P.S. 1-day, I threw out the goods from my March order the other day, waited too long now for you to respond to my many emails)…

      “Good Luck” & “Credit Card Reversal”

      • I’ve contacted one day 3 time about products.
        I got some scales that didn’t work, spoke to them on live chat st8 away and the sent me a new one.
        another time boxers had a tear in them, took about 1 week to ask me for a photo, I send a photo, waited about another week and they refunded my money!
        Not too bad experience really!

    • i ordered something from 1 day 6 months ago and still havent recieved the product after numerous unanswered emails.. i would never ever reccomend them to anyone. they are just one big scam

      • Their warehouse’s address is

        152 Collins Road, Hamilton

        Their section of the building is towards the back, all their 1-day sites are based there including torpedo etc

        Perhaps a tracked and traced physical letter to them would help, and if it wasn’t too far out of the way for you perhaps a visit as face to face their staff will soon get someone in charge outside to “deal with you” ๐Ÿ™‚

        As always when dealing with 1-day, Good Luck

    • Hi Christine,

      The Firstin Home and Kids sites are redirecting to the main site for the next few days for our Christmas sale ๐Ÿ™‚


  190. has definitely been the best site I’ve bought off of so far. I made a purchase at 1 in the morning and received my package the very next day around 8 AM. Good as (:

    • Well you are very fortunate. I had to email and email dozens of times
      to find out when my fishing rods would be sent out (4 weeks) and I had
      to threaten them I was going to take them to Fair go

  191. I just wanted to comment on the fantastic service I have recieved from snatchadeal, they emailed me to let me know something I had ordered was out of stock, then kept me informed on when my MP4 players would be delivered as they had not recieved them yet. They then mucked up my order, one email and the missing item was here the next day!

  192. I brought a Revlon Eye Makeup Set on Friday from My credit card has been charged, but i have not heard anything from them about my order. I have not received a confirmation email either. I have sent three emails to ask what is happening but nothing. I searched their website for a contact phone number but they do not provide one. Not too sure where to go from here! :S has anyone else had an issue with 3deals?

  193. I don’t seem to be hearing back on an order I made through spreadadeal .com baby gear. Have emailed 2 addresses over the past 2 days
    in regards to baby brain blocks x 2 sets that I ordered last month. We are off overseas and they are gifts, so won’t be able to take them if they don’t arrive in time.
    The order initially got muddled upon ordering also. Perhaps there is another contact i should use. Being on a budget at this time of year… we don’t want to do more shopping in order to cover these items not arriving.