Can You Answer “YES!” To These 4 Questions?

  1. Do you want more traffic to your website so you can make more sales?
  2. Do you want better brand recognition in an industry that has a growing number of competitors?
  3. Do you want to get your brand in front of an audience that is looking for a change from
  4. Do you need to collect hundreds/thousands of email addresses before you launch?

If you answered “Yes!” to those 4 questions, then can help you achieve those results in 7 ways.

7 ways to achieve those goals with

  1. 5 Hot: Your website in an exclusive list of 5 sites – the very first list on the page
  2. Multi-Media Box: Your advertising in the top right hand corner in a large 340×310 iFrame
  3. Featured Website: Your brand as the “Featured Daily Deal Website Of The Week”
  4. Profile Page: Your permanent Profile Page dedicated to your website
  5. Banner Ad: Your banner ad beside one of the lists of daily deal websites
  6. Hot Website: The Link To Your Website Looks *Hot* For 4 Weeks
  7. Sponsored Articles: Broadcast your message (300 words) to the LODS audience

Are those options of interest to you?


  • Q: Is it still free to be listed on your website?
    A: Yes, you just have to meet these criteria
  • Q: I don’t have a Daily Deal website, can I still advertise with you?
    A: Yes, banner advertising is available to you
  • Q: Do you have a pre-launch package to help me collect email addresses?
    A: Yes, I have a package designed to get hundreds/thousands of email addresses for you, give me a call
  • Q: Do you list R18/Adult daily deal websites?
    A: Yes, but not for free. There is a monthly listing fee. And no other forms of advertising are offered to adult sites