1-day.co.nz – The First One Day Sale Website In New Zealand?

by Sheldon Nesdale on 5 February 2010

Firstly, thank you to 1-day.co.nz for starting the whole 1-day-sale concept in New Zealand.

But did the guys at Torpedo7 / 1day invent the 1 deal a day concept?


That honour goes to Woot.com in July 2004. Source: Wikipedia: "One Deal A Day"

Interestingly, the domain name 1day.co.nz (without the hyphen) was purchased December 2006, and 1-day.co.nz (with the hyphen) was purchased March 2007.

There is no doubt that 1-day.co.nz is the biggest and most successful 1 deal a day type website, and if they continue to innovate and keep in touch with their customers via Facebook, Twitter, Forums etc, perhaps they will retain that #1 position for many years.

Naturally, it is that success that attracted all the competition that you see in the list of 1 day sale websites.

LoveOneDaySales.co.nz exists because even the most loyal fans get a little bored sometimes and get curious about what else is on offer.

Competition is healthy.

It keeps up the rate of innovation and improvement, so you and I, the customers, get better deals and better service.

Do you think the list of 1 day sale websites will ever stop growing?

I'd like to hear your comments. Add them below.

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Anurag February 7, 2010 at 12:44 pm

It was http://www.firstin.co.nz which came before 1-day.


Sheldon Nesdale February 7, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Do you have a reference for that Anurag?

The domain name FirstIn.co.nz was purchased 23 Sep 2004, just 2 months after Woot started up so maybe you’re right


John February 10, 2010 at 11:38 am

Yep – First In has been around the longest – know that for a fact.


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